March 28, 2017

Searching For the Best Present

Amy had promised her son that if he did well in school that she would reward him with one present of his choice. He had struggled in the beginning of the school year, but began to see some improvement towards the end. He brought his final report card home to his mother and to her surprised managed to get straight B’s in school. She was so happy that she decided to get him another present for all of his hard work.

Her son told her that he wanted to go to Guitar center to pick out his brand new present. He found a audix at this state of the art audio system was top of the line and came with all of the latest accessories. While shopping further he also came across a music creating system that would sync up with his newest audio gift. With these two presents he was able to go online and create brand new music, that he could sell. Thanks to his mother’s gifts he was able to channel his love for music into a career and made millions.

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