December 23, 2016

How Music Fight Depression and Anxiety

Listening to the music help reverse your mood. Several studies precede that music it the best pain reliever to alleviate depression and anxiety. So, what’s behind about the music thing? It was said according by Valorie Salimpoor, a Ph.D. that there are three ways why music reduces depression and anxiety. First, it serves as your distraction, in other words, music provides a great invader in breaking the cycle of the depression thing you are experiencing. When you are concentrating more on the music, you get to forget on focusing the negative things in your mind.
triple wreck
Second, music get’s you high, it release dopamine in a natural way which makes you more addicted and motivated. Third, music makes you feel understood; because you are feeling sad it’s not right that you should also avoid sad songs. In fact, listening to sad songs can help you understand and conclude things on solving your problems in a more positive way.

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