October 6, 2016

The Much Awaited Sequel to the Host

Stephenie Meyer did it again; she captured the hearts of teenagers and adults alike with her book The Host. For those who haven’t read it before, its story features a different kind of alien breed that stays in the human body to live their existence. After the Twilight series, fans immediately shifted to The Host, and it even grabbed the attention of Bella Swan’s haters. The Host contains the perfect blend of love story, suspense, and action.

Early on, Meyer intended The Host to be a trilogy. However, fans are scared that it will ruin the ending of the first book because for them it is already complete. Some of them are doubtful about it because of what happened to the Midnight Sun book, it was never finished and it disappointed a lot of people. The only things left to do right now are believe it when you see it, or just hope for the best.

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