September 6, 2016

Your Best friend Is Dating Your Ex

A couple of months ago your boyfriend cheated on you and broke your heart. You are in the process of moving on when you discovered your closest friend is dating your ex. What now? Of course you feel terrible, and you may think your best friend also cheated on you. Before you rip their eyes out, you need to follow the guidelines stated here. First, confide in another close friend and cry your heart out. This way, you can take some of the hurt away.

Next, have a heart to heart conversation with your best friend. Ask her if she is planning to tell you about the situation, and if she understands how this makes you feel. Chances are she knows your ex cheated on you and she still wants to continue their relationship anyway. The only thing you can do now is continue to be her friend if you still can, and avoid seeing them together as much as possible. If she’s really your best friend, she will avoid letting you see them as well.

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