September 13, 2016

There Is Always Space for New Creations

I love listening to the radio. I love changing the stations and listening to different tunes because among various music productions and radio stations you can always spot a fresh sound that usually comes from young artists. It’s a wonder how people can use only seven notes in music and can still create extraordinary sounds that we have never heard before.

I, recently, listened to a song played only with drums and tried to figure out what it reminded me. It was a beautiful piece and, hence, I asked around about it. The music producer of the radio station told me it was one of the best cardioid mic. I couldn’t understand what he was talking about and, therefore, he took the time to explain to me that these were not covers to protect the instruments, but just cover music over older hits that had made many known singers and bands very famous. I was astonished by the new information and by the fact that there is always space for new creations.

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