July 13, 2016

How Roses Are Grown From Cuttings

There are so many ways to grow roses from cuttings. Some rose growing nurseries practiced ways so sophisticated margin of failures borders on none. Anybody could fall in love with roses in season or off. Everyone has had a romance with roses that they dreamed of having their own rose garden even with one variety or two. It is easy growing roses from bouquets you received from friends. Although growing roses from patented varieties are barred by law.

Just take a few of those rose cuttings and stick them on pots filled with good soil. Prime your cuttings by cutting the young part; next cut the wilting leaves and then wound the bottom before sticking them into the pot. You can cover it with a jar to increase misting or leave it alone just remember water it every other day. After a few weeks buds will start to grow but you are not home free yet. You have to water your budding rose cuttings to keep soil moist enough to sustain growth but not overly wet to make buddings wilt and eventually rot. Sometimes you need to green thumbs to grow them and that’s what those successful rose growers have that we don’t.