June 28, 2016

Change for the Better

I spend most of my time reading books and watching movies. I guess some people consider me a nerd or a geek—I, myself, prefer the term ‘book worm’ but whatever. I’ve always been contented with my lifestyle until last week, when I finished a book I was reading where the heroine was a singer who plays the guitar. I felt that, somehow, I need to do something else with my time. I need to learn at least one musical instrument before I die!

And so, I decided I’ll give the guitarcenter coupons a try. My friend told me I can save on used guitars for sale at Musicians Friend. I guess that’s good enough since I’m not yet sure whether guitar is the instrument for me. I hope it works for me!

June 6, 2016

Clutter Free Home Towards a Stress Free Life

Mothers often nag about unclean rooms. They often force their children to keep their rooms tidy. Mothers truly know best, not only do they want you to have a cleaner space; they also want you to have peaceful life.

The key to having an organized life is to live in an organized space. Imagine how life would become simpler if everything is in its right place. Frustrations will be avoided if you know where to find something when you need them. Assign a place for every possession you have and make it a habit to return everything in their proper place. You will save much time and much effort if your house is free from clutter all the time.