January 4, 2016

Playing Movie Guessing

One of my hobbies is playing movie guessing with my brother and sister. If I forgot the movie I saw in the picture, sometime I went nuts and recite the alphabets from A to Z to find the right title for the movie. It is also happens when I forgot the real name of the actor or actress on the movie. I know that the actor or actress is famous but sometime I just forget the name.

Once I forgot the name of the actor played terminator. I know, I am really lame for forgetting something so obvious, but it made my brain twisted and work hard to know it and a couple of minutes later, I found it and relieves flushes over me. I can’t sleep if I haven’t found the right name for the actor or actress I forgotten. It is like an itch you can’t scratch. I wake up all night try to remember that one day, and I ended up look on it online to end my curiosity.

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