December 22, 2015

Quotes Collector

I was a quotes collector back in my university days. I love to collect some famous people’s quote and that drive me to achieve more goal and inspiration in my life. I am sure that famous people has their own principle and quotes, so I guess it is not wrong to understand the meaning of their quotes and loved it. One of the quote I really like is “What makes something great is to do something ordinary unordinary well”.

I still believe the quote until today. You can see some businessman work from below and what makes him success is his extraordinary talent to foresee something that anyone can’t see. He is seeing something ordinary but made it become extraordinary. The same things apply to writers. They have to write, a daily ordinary thing, and turned it to be so extraordinary; which is the novel manuscript that get enjoyed by millions of people.

A Viola For Viola

While I am not the type of person to have internet friends, I met a girl named Viola over a social site. It was not even intended. What happened was we had the same interest in classical music and clicked. I do not even remember who messaged who first. The interesting fact about this girl is she likes violas too, and by that I meant the instrument.

She tutors smaller kids for a fee. Viola and I have been friends for more than a year, and since she had a strong impact in my life, I gave her something she did not expect. I sent her a shiny new viola for thanksgiving. She was all smiles when she sent me a picture while holding it.