October 20, 2015

Love at third sight

I have always been told that I am picky with guys. Then I said, ‘why I shouldn’t?’ we should be careful of whom we choose to be part of our lives. I have seen a lot of people who have hard time escaping in a relationship because they got so deep in that relationship that it’s almost impossible or dangerous to get away.

So for me, I have a guy of my dream and believe me, he isn’t perfect. He is just a guy whom I am comfortable to be with without even knowing the reason why, a guy who is more than my brotherand a friend who is more than my best friend. Then one night, I actually dreamed of him, we laughed with each other over something that only the two of us could understand. People around us were staring but we didn’t care enough.

I don’t really believe in love at first sight because seeing someone for the first time won’t make your heat beat erratically nor makes you feel floating in the air. The guy of my dream is the first sight, when I dreamed of him, that’s the second sight, and if I’ll finally find him, then, that’s love at third sight.

Saving Space For The Future

With the baby on the way, my wife and I will have six children all in all. I have to admit that only the first three were planned. But we are just considering it as a blessing. Because the family is getting bigger, we need more room to accommodate everyone. Some of our children will have to share rooms. With this predicament came the need to improve the house. We had customized bed and organizers made to save more space.

As for the cabinetry and doors, we ditched the swinging doors and opted for the sliding type which was made possible with grant sliding hardware from ovis. I know that my wife and I have to work hard to support everyone. Changing the house is just the beginning. There are so many adjustments to be made for the future.