June 22, 2015

Flu Flu Go Away

I have been down with the flu for a couple of days now. I have runny nose, my body feels tender all over, plus I have a nagging headache. Yup, flu season came a bit early for me, and it is really hindering me from doing what I want and need. I cannot go out and appreciate the beautiful day, and I can barely taste the food that I am eating.

However, I have no one else to blame for this but myself. I did not take care of my body enough, thus I am suffering the consequences. In order to compensate for this I am now drinking lots of fluid, resting every chance I get, eating fruits and veggies, and hoping against hope that I feel better already. I just wish that this flu would leave me be. Next time, I am not going to abuse my body, or at least try not to.

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