May 13, 2015

The Feeling I Can't Explain

For many years, expert try to explain what is the feeling of love. What is love? How does someone feel love? That kind of feeling is happening to me too. Well, actually not a feeling for some man, but for my family. I’ve never fallen in love until today. So, I don’t know how love between lovers feels like. I just know that I love my family and that feeling is unexplainable.

There are no words to explain love. I think it is almost like caring for someone else other than you and willing to put that someone life above your own. I think that is the most reasonable answer I can come up with. I have never felt like that for a stranger, only for my family. Am I willing to sacrifice my self for my family? Yes, of course. I don’t understand that they are people who are willing to give up their life when losing their loved one. I hope I am not like them.

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