December 22, 2015

Quotes Collector

I was a quotes collector back in my university days. I love to collect some famous people’s quote and that drive me to achieve more goal and inspiration in my life. I am sure that famous people has their own principle and quotes, so I guess it is not wrong to understand the meaning of their quotes and loved it. One of the quote I really like is “What makes something great is to do something ordinary unordinary well”.

I still believe the quote until today. You can see some businessman work from below and what makes him success is his extraordinary talent to foresee something that anyone can’t see. He is seeing something ordinary but made it become extraordinary. The same things apply to writers. They have to write, a daily ordinary thing, and turned it to be so extraordinary; which is the novel manuscript that get enjoyed by millions of people.

A Viola For Viola

While I am not the type of person to have internet friends, I met a girl named Viola over a social site. It was not even intended. What happened was we had the same interest in classical music and clicked. I do not even remember who messaged who first. The interesting fact about this girl is she likes violas too, and by that I meant the instrument.

She tutors smaller kids for a fee. Viola and I have been friends for more than a year, and since she had a strong impact in my life, I gave her something she did not expect. I sent her a shiny new viola for thanksgiving. She was all smiles when she sent me a picture while holding it.

November 2, 2015

Losing Weight

I know of a sure way of losing weight effectively. But the means is not always pleasant because you have to be sick. I have an internal bleeding a couple of months ago and I have to have blood transfusions. I lost 6 pounds of my weight because of that. Ordinarily, I have to take about 6 month maybe to achieve that kind of weight loss. But being sick for a week make my body week and I lost a lot of weight quickly.

But, I realize that it is not a great achievement. Because I am proud with my weight and I just want to reduce my weight about 2 or 3 pounds. Losing a lot of weight is not a good thing for me because I always have this strange headache. Maybe I still lack blood volume. Every time I have to go through PMS, my headache is getting worse. I just wish that I get to normal soon.

October 20, 2015

Love at third sight

I have always been told that I am picky with guys. Then I said, ‘why I shouldn’t?’ we should be careful of whom we choose to be part of our lives. I have seen a lot of people who have hard time escaping in a relationship because they got so deep in that relationship that it’s almost impossible or dangerous to get away.

So for me, I have a guy of my dream and believe me, he isn’t perfect. He is just a guy whom I am comfortable to be with without even knowing the reason why, a guy who is more than my brotherand a friend who is more than my best friend. Then one night, I actually dreamed of him, we laughed with each other over something that only the two of us could understand. People around us were staring but we didn’t care enough.

I don’t really believe in love at first sight because seeing someone for the first time won’t make your heat beat erratically nor makes you feel floating in the air. The guy of my dream is the first sight, when I dreamed of him, that’s the second sight, and if I’ll finally find him, then, that’s love at third sight.

Saving Space For The Future

With the baby on the way, my wife and I will have six children all in all. I have to admit that only the first three were planned. But we are just considering it as a blessing. Because the family is getting bigger, we need more room to accommodate everyone. Some of our children will have to share rooms. With this predicament came the need to improve the house. We had customized bed and organizers made to save more space.

As for the cabinetry and doors, we ditched the swinging doors and opted for the sliding type which was made possible with grant sliding hardware from ovis. I know that my wife and I have to work hard to support everyone. Changing the house is just the beginning. There are so many adjustments to be made for the future.

September 15, 2015

Committing To Diet Is The Hardest Thing

It was so easy to declare that I was going on a diet. One day, the thought just came to me. Being the ever optimist, I decided to forgo sweets, salty food, and oily dishes in favor of green leafy veggies, fruits, and lots of water. However, weeks into this special diet, I began to feel restless. I felt like a junkie who tried and tried to give up on drugs, in this case food, only to binge again after a moment of weakness.

Then, I realized on thing, committing to your diet is one of the hardest things you can do. Sure it is easy at first, but what they say is true. Commitment is the art of sticking to your plan, long after the feeling has left you, and in my case, I am still having a difficult time doing my end of the bargain. However, I am not a quitter, so whatever happens, I am committing to commit.

A Compilation Of The Best Songs

Whenever I wanted to play a song in my guitar, I would go online and search for the chords. Usually after weeks, I would forget the song and move on to another. When I want to play it again, I would search for it on the net again. My wife got tired of me asking her to research so she decided to print the chords and give it to me.

Then came the problem of the printed pages mysteriously vanishing. One moment it's on my desk, the next thing you know, my daughter accidentally put it in the trash. My wife got me the best acoustic guitar songs tab book. It was a compilation of the songs I like in a book. With it, I would never have to worry about researching and losing the chords.

August 6, 2015

Choosing the Fabric

One of the most important detail in tailoring is choosing the most suitable fabric. A suit should not only fit your taste but also the weather. Check for its breathability because you would need to wear your suit for the whole day. Do not buy fabrics just because they are expensive because they might not match your lifestyle.

Cashmere is soft and expensive however soft may not be great for suit construction. No matter how much fusing you use, you must still remember that they are building a suit for you and not just a sweater.

Wools are your best bet however they tend to be too itchy or too stiff for some. But wools are still the perfect choice for a suit. Checking out the thread count is what you should decide on next. Thread counts should depend on the weather of the country you are living in or going to.

July 15, 2015

Amusement Parks Long Term Satisfaction

When I was a kid, a simple play ground is enough to reach my satisfaction. It even gets better when I had a chance to be with a relative having their time to travel and get into beautiful amusements park to give enjoyment too to their children. I was blessed to experienced that way because up to this year, the happy feeling I have before remains colorful to my head.

Amusements parks are indeed made to bring smiles in the face of little children. Their main priority is to get as many people as they can through the great decorations and rides they can consider as good asset of their park. The sceneries and enjoyment is worthy the rate of how you pay. I have never been into amusement park where I got disappointed. Maybe I still have the childish mind that is why, or I really appreciate the infrastructure that fills my eyes and heart with goodness.

Learning About Speaker and Wattage Efficiency

I like to build things with my own hands. My house is full of items that I have made instead of buying from the store. My friends do not understand me and would often say that it would be easier to get a pre-made product. I guess we simply have different opinions. For my latest project, I wanted to build my own speaker system from scratch.

It took a while to make it, and I had to buy several components. But what really helped me was reading the wattage efficiency at the hub. From it, I learned that there are numerous factors affecting the sound and “loudness” of an amplifier. If I hadn’t read that, my speaker would come out as a mediocre piece.

June 22, 2015

Flu Flu Go Away

I have been down with the flu for a couple of days now. I have runny nose, my body feels tender all over, plus I have a nagging headache. Yup, flu season came a bit early for me, and it is really hindering me from doing what I want and need. I cannot go out and appreciate the beautiful day, and I can barely taste the food that I am eating.

However, I have no one else to blame for this but myself. I did not take care of my body enough, thus I am suffering the consequences. In order to compensate for this I am now drinking lots of fluid, resting every chance I get, eating fruits and veggies, and hoping against hope that I feel better already. I just wish that this flu would leave me be. Next time, I am not going to abuse my body, or at least try not to.

A Cheap Deal For Students

I asked my parents to buy me a guitar, but they said that I had to work hard for it. My dad believed in getting what you want by means of hard work, instead of relying on other people. They gave me chores, and in exchange, my allowance improved. After 4 months of running errands for them, I still didn’t have enough money to buy the guitar.

That’s when I stumbled upon the used guitars section of this website I often went to. They offered budget friendly instruments that would be fitting for students like me. When the guitar finally arrived after I bought it, the look on my father’s face was priceless. I knew deep inside he was proud of me.

May 13, 2015

The Feeling I Can't Explain

For many years, expert try to explain what is the feeling of love. What is love? How does someone feel love? That kind of feeling is happening to me too. Well, actually not a feeling for some man, but for my family. I’ve never fallen in love until today. So, I don’t know how love between lovers feels like. I just know that I love my family and that feeling is unexplainable.

There are no words to explain love. I think it is almost like caring for someone else other than you and willing to put that someone life above your own. I think that is the most reasonable answer I can come up with. I have never felt like that for a stranger, only for my family. Am I willing to sacrifice my self for my family? Yes, of course. I don’t understand that they are people who are willing to give up their life when losing their loved one. I hope I am not like them.

The Journey To Guitar Greatness

Great guitar players started from scratch. Like the rest of us, they were also beginners in their craft before they became the music Gods they are today. In truth, they probably had a hard time with their setups too and had a little help from friends or articles before they became experts at guitar action and playing.

They weren’t always playing for a huge crowd or the arena. Most of them had the humble beginning of practicing in a makeshift stage or their own garage. Some have even met with failure before they became successful. If someone wants to be like them, the individual has to realize that there are a lot of things he needs to accomplish before he truly becomes great.

April 6, 2015

What to read this year

This 2014 there will be a lot of books that you need to stack in your library. It is pretty exciting since the dawn of ebooks, but the following list of books are those that are in print. Let us begin with The Impossible Knife of memory by Laurie Halse Anderson, it has a war veteran suffering with PTSD, a must read because the voice of Laurie Halse Anderson is very much touching.

The next book would be great as a Post Christmas read, Boxers and Saints books, by Gene Luen Yan, it is one of the best books of 2013 so this recommendation is pretty delayed. It is about the Boxer Rebellion that shows the two sides, the boxer and saint side.

For self help kinda books, because you get a moral lesson for each story, you might save these for a rainy day Ghana Must go by Taiye Selasi and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

April 5, 2015

A Home For My Guitar

I am one of those people who used to think that guitars can stay in their case when not in use. After all, why spend more money on additional storage when you have a perfectly functional case. Well I swallowed my own belief a few weeks ago. My friends and I had to do a recording for someone’s anniversary.

Since it went on for a week, I had a tough time placing my guitar back to its case and out every time I had to use it. I was scared of the guitar getting scratched as it was my favorite one, so putting it on a corner was not an option. That was when I realized that it was time to purchase an acoustic guitar holder. It was the best decision I made.

March 6, 2015

The Walking Dead Managed To Last This Long

It is quite amazing that a lot of TV Series nowadays are perfectly good enough for a Movie. Not a TV Movie, but big screen blockbuster. What’s more amazing is a movie blockbuster turned TV Series. Not that The Walking Dead used to be a movie, but that something you would think won’t work on the small screen has lasted over four seasons.

Already signed and sealed for another season after this year’s fourth season, The Walking Dead TV series is a long drawn out TV show but with a lot of fans. I for one was skimming most of the episodes, unable to sit through, or to be more exact, lie still while zombies are grabbing the ever diminishing characters in this horrific TV series.

I mean talk about gloom and doom. I don’t know how these actors do it, but it’s pretty depressing, especially with this season’s debacle. The survivors are dealing with 21st Century virus that is killing them and creating more zombies in the other side of the fence. Hmmm. I kind of prefer zombies to remain under 120 minutes, with a definite ending of dead gools or for most zombie flicks dead survivors.

March 5, 2015

Guide to Buying Jewelries Online

Jewelry is becoming more and more popular today, and due to its growing demand, you‘ll be stunned to see a big assortment of beautiful jewelry that have stunning designs that easily available online. Jewelry stores online offer bracelets in gold wire, semi-precious rings, semi-precious stone rings, semi-precious stones, earrings, gold jewelry, costume jewelry gold, semi-precious necklaces, costume jewelry semi-precious stones, pendants, and a lot more.

Jewelry stores online like offer more than a thousand designs of jewelry where one can choose which one they would like to buy. But you have to be careful in selecting an online store to purchase your jewelry from as there are a lot of online stores that are offering gold jewelry at cheap prices but not original.

February 16, 2015

The Wonders of Bath Accessories

Because of the growth in stress levels and the reduction in most people’s lives, taking a bath is something we usually do quickly. But taking a bath is something that has to be revitalizing and refreshing experience, but most people forget about it. But luckily today, it’s possible to truly enjoy a bath to the largest extent with the use of different bath accessories that you can buy both online and offline.

Bath accessories that were once just a luxury by a lot of people has now turned into something that everyone makes use of and enjoys. There are a lot of bathroom necessities like bath soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other accessories like towels available today. If you are looking for any bath necessities, you can found it here.

January 6, 2015

My Sister the Compassionate (give money to the poor)

I know that at some point, people have a compassionate bone in their body. But, my sister she has it a lot. I always know that she is kind; otherwise, she won’t get betrayed by her best friend. At one time in Hong Kong, she saw a street performer who has no hands. And she is being touched by his singing and giving him some money.

I already seen a lot of disable people is being used in the big city to plead mercy to the people. When they get the money, they used it not for good cause. That’s why there are a lot of street kids on the big city. Would you believe it that sometimes the one who sang in the bus can make money about the same as the one who work in the office? Sometimes, they have more money than most ordinary worker. That’s why the big city already starting to ban the street musician and kids on the public bus and encourage the citizen not to give any money to them.