December 4, 2014

Sleepy, Talking and Cannot Sleep Again

The sleepy, talking and cannot sleep again happened during my time working at the big city. So, every time I went to my home town, my mother always asked how I was doing and wanted to know every kind of news from my job. Even when I am sleepy and ready to close my eyes, she said she wasn’t sleepy and still wanted me to continue talking. But, by the time I almost finished my story, my mother is the one fast asleep and I lay awake because of the conversation.

I wish my mother doesn’t make me talk and I will sleep faster. I know that I am having problem with my sleep. I can’t seem to get to sleep instantly like most people do. I have to turn around several times. My body maybe tired but my eyes still force me to open. That’s why I hate to wake up in the middle of the night, even to go to the bathroom, because I can’t sleep again easily.

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