October 16, 2014

Competitive eating with friends

Food..food..food. yes! It’s my favorite hobby! Actually, my friend introduces me into this famous restaurant or not just a restaurant, it’s a café I think and my friend share me some insights of the food they ate which really taste good. And Just last week I and my girlfriends enjoyed the crusty bit of pizza and other pasta foods. As a group friends doing an outing and looking for a specific place that will be a perfect match for our hungry tummies, one of the favorite place we often like to go is at the Pizza Paella. Why? We are really addicted when it comes in Italian foods such as Pizzas, spaghetti, and etc.

Seriously, eating pasta is one of my favorites with the cheesy and sweet toppings. Eating together with my friends really enjoyed me a lot. In fact, eating your favorite food and doing some chit chats is really better as it relives your stress and tension.

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