October 16, 2014

Competitive eating with friends

Food..food..food. yes! It’s my favorite hobby! Actually, my friend introduces me into this famous restaurant or not just a restaurant, it’s a cafĂ© I think and my friend share me some insights of the food they ate which really taste good. And Just last week I and my girlfriends enjoyed the crusty bit of pizza and other pasta foods. As a group friends doing an outing and looking for a specific place that will be a perfect match for our hungry tummies, one of the favorite place we often like to go is at the Pizza Paella. Why? We are really addicted when it comes in Italian foods such as Pizzas, spaghetti, and etc.

Seriously, eating pasta is one of my favorites with the cheesy and sweet toppings. Eating together with my friends really enjoyed me a lot. In fact, eating your favorite food and doing some chit chats is really better as it relives your stress and tension.

Start Learning To Play Bass Guitar

Do you want to learn how to play bass but something is holding you back? Is it the thought that bass guitar players are the ones who are always ignored in the band? That might not be your reason, but you still have to know that playing bass doesn’t set you apart from the others. It is actually the lead guitar that is always getting left behind in a band.

You have to know that the exceptional quality of the complexity and fullness of tone carried forth when a bass guitar is well-tuned and played is really fascinating. So don’t let your misconception stop you. Buy a bass guitar and start learning how to play this majestic string instrument! Mail your order today!!

Investing To a High Quality Drum Throne

Because most drummers spends long period of time sitting down in front of their drum sets, buying the best drum throne just makes sense. There are a lot of different types of drum thrones today, and while drum thrones don’t look as important part of a drum set, it’s very important to be comfy and well-supported while performing. Being comfortable while performing affect the music you make.

Many people spend too much time and too much money to improve their drumming, and if you’re one of them, you have to know that importance of having high quality drum throne. If you would like to perform well, then you should have enough comfort and support, and a quality throne can provide you with both.

October 11, 2014

The Magic Truth About Love

I experienced many things in my life like missing someone too much , feeling emptiness , feeling that it's the end when it's just a new beginning , feeling that all the doors are closed when there are many doors opened, feeling that something bad will happen . But, I loved someone and that’s when my life totally changed.

Love is a magic word, complex but absolutely necessary because it allows you to discover other sensations and give meaning to our lives. The truth about love is that you feel alone when you are with all your friends but not with your lover. The truth about love is you will miss her or him when she will leave you for a day or a week or a month. The magic about love is that it is capable to keep our souls related. It is like something stronger than you could imagine, and it is keeping you attached to that particular person.

Love is about giving, missing thinking about the other more than about ourselves. Love is about pushing yourself to the limit just to stay by her side as long as you live.

Let Salsa Bring Your To another World

Salsa dancing lessons can be one of the best ways to get through a stressful day. A salsa lesson could be your escape from the reality that takes you to the world where you can feel graceful and free. Dancing through music can bring you to a new world where every day work travels, bad-tempered bosses, and loud children don't exist.

There’s no better way to forget all your worries about the world than to submerge yourself into a dance that’s both interesting and enjoyable at one fell swoop. Join salsa dance lessons in santa monica together with a friend and have a good. By joining a dance class, you will not only have something to look forward to every week, but you will also have healthier physical body and healthier mind.