August 29, 2014

Feels Like A Second Home

I always tell my friend that a book store is like a second home for me. I can find myself in one of those aisles for hours. That’s why my friend always drag me quickly if I happen to find a book store, because they know I will spend hours in there. Once, my girlfriend shakes her head because she literally accompanied me to the bookstore for 3 straight hours.

She said that she doesn’t want to go to the bookstore with me anymore. I already told her that I will spend a lot of time in there. I love all kinds of books from mystery, fantasy, thriller, to some biography and mythology. I still love the feel of the physical books in my hand better than some electronic books. My mother always complained that the cupboard in my old room is not enough to get all my book collections. I know that I need to sell some of my books but I just don’t have the heart to do it yet.

Searching for Good Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie mounts are small innovations that we likely ignore even though they make things easier for us. A usual cable tie is just a band of nylon. An end of the strip ends in a small four-sided case that has an opening in it. Another end of the band could be conceded through the case’s opening. A side of the band has "teeth", or what are known as "gear racks".

This geared shallow is aimed to go through the covering in a one route only. When pressed in, the teeth grasp a notch within the case. This grasps the strip very resolutely in position, and stops it from being drawn out. This is a good accessory to more organized cables all over our home, you can check out if you want to order online.

Eye Makeup from Day ‘til Night

Every time I go out for work or for an event of party, I make sure that I have the right makeup and outfit on. I usually read magazines and visit different sites online to look for tutorials and ideas about makeup. I was having a hard time with eye makeup and when I found the perfect shadow for every event, I just feel that I need to share it with you.

During the day, when I go to work, I opt for natural colors such as earth tones and pastels. These shades give me a professional, approachable and softer look. With the light tones, they are easily maintained and retouched. However, during nighttime when I hit clubs and parties, I go for bold colors because they simply stand out and draw attention.

Knowing these ideas gave me a more attractive and appealing look during the day and night. With the array of shades to choose from, I can easily complement my outfit and my entire style with my eye shadow. Pairing my look with confidence and a bright smile, and I’m always good to go!

Start a Gluten Free Diet Routine for Healthier Lifestyle

Those people who have Celiac Disease are aware of the importance of having a gluten free diet. Their lifestyle depends on them shunning foods that have gluten. But there are a lot of other people who are grieving from lesser amounts of gluten sensitivity that are able to benefit from a gluten free diet too. Gluten sensitivity can lead to a lot of different kinds of health difficulties from apparently minor issues to problems that affect your daily life.

Since there hasn’t been enough study into every problem that gluten sensitivity could lead to. It’s suspected that gluten might be the reason of many other health problems. And this is a serious issue, so to know more about it, it is important to read about gluten free health benefits.

August 5, 2014

Humans and Monkeys our similarities

Although we all believe that we evolved from Monkeys, there are a few reasons added on to this fact. I just recently found out that monkeys have brain wirings that easily evolves, which is why we came to be humans. This flexibility gives them the option to make decisions. 25 human brains were scanned and 25 scanned macaques brains were compared to it. It was concluded that 11 components in the frontal cortex are similar and wired the same way.

Imagine that right? However some of the scans show that the monkeys do not have the lateral frontal pole that allows humans to be planners and multi-taskers. This also shows that Humans are more capable of being strategist. Although I see a lot of Monkey documentaries and watch how they find food with utmost strategy. Well unlike the Lions who hunt in packs, these Monkeys are also very smart in their hunting strategies.