August 29, 2014

Eye Makeup from Day ‘til Night

Every time I go out for work or for an event of party, I make sure that I have the right makeup and outfit on. I usually read magazines and visit different sites online to look for tutorials and ideas about makeup. I was having a hard time with eye makeup and when I found the perfect shadow for every event, I just feel that I need to share it with you.

During the day, when I go to work, I opt for natural colors such as earth tones and pastels. These shades give me a professional, approachable and softer look. With the light tones, they are easily maintained and retouched. However, during nighttime when I hit clubs and parties, I go for bold colors because they simply stand out and draw attention.

Knowing these ideas gave me a more attractive and appealing look during the day and night. With the array of shades to choose from, I can easily complement my outfit and my entire style with my eye shadow. Pairing my look with confidence and a bright smile, and I’m always good to go!

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