June 7, 2014

Vietnam Is The Next Tourist Destination

Vietnam was my Interior Design Thesis Paper. Chosen randomly from a bag, it was not by choice. Vietnam is the war zone, which is basically why we have heard so much of Vietnam. But what is Vietnam?

When I went to do my research on Vietnam I found the Embassy to be unmanned and creepy. Since we really don’t need a Visa to go there, the embassy is nothing but a stand with a couple of brochures and when I say a couple, I meant two pamphlets.

But today they captured the garments industry, making them the next Korea and they have great discounts on airline tickets and tour packages. Funny because they really don’t have much to offer from what I researched on back in college. They don’t have malls, nor great sandy beaches. But they do have historical landmarks and a fantastic culture that beats American diversity with their yin and yang east meets west cultural beauty.

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