May 24, 2014

If you’re eating don’t read this

Last night I had a dream and excuse me if you guys will be disgusted but I felt the need to share it because this is a new one for me. I was terribly sickened and confused of the dream I had. I was eating a chocolate cake and only to realize that it was poop that I was eating so deliciously. I was horror struck and tried to spit it out and washed my mouth over and over again until I woke up.

What could that dream be all about; I was left with intrigue that somehow it has a meaning that I don’t know of. What I did is I Googled for some explanation and it turns out that many people have dream of eating poop or dream of encountering feces too.

It says the dreaming of feces in general can mean luck, an opportunity or it can also be a feeling of uncertainty that you need to sort in order to go on with your life. It can mean money luck depending how perceive money. I just hope that it will mean luck for me or for our family because I’ve been very positive this year.

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