March 8, 2014

Always And Forever A Mommy’s Girl

Not every girl can say that they have a good relationship with their moms. I’m one of the lucky ones who can, and who does.

I was born and raised solely by my mom—my biological father (whom I consider simply as a sperm donor, for all I care) walked out on us after failing to convince my mom to get an abortion. Some kids may find this an unfortunate situation to be in but not me, I feel really blessed that I have a mom who can also be a dad at the same time. She used to tell me it’s going to be her and me against the world—and yes, she’s right. Even until today that she’s found her man and is now happily married, I’m still her number one priority.

My heart is filled with joy whenever I think back and remember all our days together, she really is the best mother in the world. I’m only hoping I can give back and make her feel all the love she’s given me.

My Fear of School Presentations

I’ve always been scared of presentations at school. I was a shy girl and I don’t like being in the center of attractions. I remember when I was at my senior year, our teacher required us to do some presentation as one of the last requirements to graduations. It was for my English class, I went to find cheap presentation folder printing, asked my sister to help me, and then went to present on my class.

At first I was really scared; my voice is really low that my teacher asked me to speak louder which makes me feel more nervous. And in the end, my classmates and teacher congratulate me as it was a job well done. I don’t even know what I said and what I did, what I am thankful for is that it’s already over and I don’t know if I can do the same thing again.

March 7, 2014

Drink some coffee in a very fun way

I always had a very awkward hobby, since I was young that I always enjoyed collecting things where I could drink juice or coffee, nowadays I only do it for coffee and I’m much more selective than I was in the past, it’s normal, once you get older, your taste and your knowledge will be different and you’ll be more demanding.

I found these promotional coffee mugs, and at a first glance one would suspect due to the price, but it seems that not always price is synonym of quality, the design of these mugs is terrific and nowadays I’m very pleased to add them to my collectables, never judge a book by its cover, nor a mug by its price.