January 25, 2014

Miss World 2013

There are so many pageant fans who are happy last week. For this year, they have witnessed the crowning of the new beauty queen. The winning candidate of Miss World 2013 was crowned in Indonesia in the midst of wishful spectators. Megan Young, who is a candidate of the Philippines, won the name as Miss World for this year.

Megan Young is already popular before she joined the pristegious international beauty pageant. She is an actress, television host and model. Before she appeared in the worldwide scene as a newly-crowned beauty queen, she also appeared in films and television series. The half-Filipina, half-American beauty dreamed to be a famous beauty queen someday.

During the contest, Megan showed off her skills in modeling and interacting with other people. She was tagged as an “early favorite.” Because of her charming personality and gorgeous gown, she won the Top Model special award. She was also included in the Top 5 of the Beach Fashion special award.

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