December 4, 2014

Sleepy, Talking and Cannot Sleep Again

The sleepy, talking and cannot sleep again happened during my time working at the big city. So, every time I went to my home town, my mother always asked how I was doing and wanted to know every kind of news from my job. Even when I am sleepy and ready to close my eyes, she said she wasn’t sleepy and still wanted me to continue talking. But, by the time I almost finished my story, my mother is the one fast asleep and I lay awake because of the conversation.

I wish my mother doesn’t make me talk and I will sleep faster. I know that I am having problem with my sleep. I can’t seem to get to sleep instantly like most people do. I have to turn around several times. My body maybe tired but my eyes still force me to open. That’s why I hate to wake up in the middle of the night, even to go to the bathroom, because I can’t sleep again easily.

Importance of Quality Saxophone Mouthpieces

If you are a saxophone player, or you want to learn how to play, then you might be interested to know more about Saxophone Mouthpieces. If you want a high quality with functional features and finest pitch then, this is enough reason why to buy this accessory for your saxophone. This will improve the sound quality of your instrument all in all.

And because it makes the instrument set at high precision, you would not think that even the least quality or design flaw in the mouthpiece or reed can have an overwhelming effect on tone quality of the instrument itself. This has happened before to a lot of people who have purchased cheap saxophone mouthpieces and they all regretted it.  

Finding the Best Health Insurance Company

Health insurance is a type of insurance where the medical expenses of an insured person will be paid by the insurance company when insured gets sick because of specific causes included in the insurance policy or because of accidents.

In order to get the finest health insurance policy, it’s important to assess the health insurance company and its associate healthcare agency. It is very easy thing to do online in which you fill up some necessary information to get your health insurance estimate. One more thing that you have to consider is the financial ratings of the health insurance company you want to get. It will give you the financial asset of the health insurance company you can always check the rate from this website.

October 16, 2014

Competitive eating with friends yes! It’s my favorite hobby! Actually, my friend introduces me into this famous restaurant or not just a restaurant, it’s a cafĂ© I think and my friend share me some insights of the food they ate which really taste good. And Just last week I and my girlfriends enjoyed the crusty bit of pizza and other pasta foods. As a group friends doing an outing and looking for a specific place that will be a perfect match for our hungry tummies, one of the favorite place we often like to go is at the Pizza Paella. Why? We are really addicted when it comes in Italian foods such as Pizzas, spaghetti, and etc.

Seriously, eating pasta is one of my favorites with the cheesy and sweet toppings. Eating together with my friends really enjoyed me a lot. In fact, eating your favorite food and doing some chit chats is really better as it relives your stress and tension.

Start Learning To Play Bass Guitar

Do you want to learn how to play bass but something is holding you back? Is it the thought that bass guitar players are the ones who are always ignored in the band? That might not be your reason, but you still have to know that playing bass doesn’t set you apart from the others. It is actually the lead guitar that is always getting left behind in a band.

You have to know that the exceptional quality of the complexity and fullness of tone carried forth when a bass guitar is well-tuned and played is really fascinating. So don’t let your misconception stop you. Buy a bass guitar and start learning how to play this majestic string instrument! Mail your order today!!

Investing To a High Quality Drum Throne

Because most drummers spends long period of time sitting down in front of their drum sets, buying the best drum throne just makes sense. There are a lot of different types of drum thrones today, and while drum thrones don’t look as important part of a drum set, it’s very important to be comfy and well-supported while performing. Being comfortable while performing affect the music you make.

Many people spend too much time and too much money to improve their drumming, and if you’re one of them, you have to know that importance of having high quality drum throne. If you would like to perform well, then you should have enough comfort and support, and a quality throne can provide you with both.

October 11, 2014

The Magic Truth About Love

I experienced many things in my life like missing someone too much , feeling emptiness , feeling that it's the end when it's just a new beginning , feeling that all the doors are closed when there are many doors opened, feeling that something bad will happen . But, I loved someone and that’s when my life totally changed.

Love is a magic word, complex but absolutely necessary because it allows you to discover other sensations and give meaning to our lives. The truth about love is that you feel alone when you are with all your friends but not with your lover. The truth about love is you will miss her or him when she will leave you for a day or a week or a month. The magic about love is that it is capable to keep our souls related. It is like something stronger than you could imagine, and it is keeping you attached to that particular person.

Love is about giving, missing thinking about the other more than about ourselves. Love is about pushing yourself to the limit just to stay by her side as long as you live.

Let Salsa Bring Your To another World

Salsa dancing lessons can be one of the best ways to get through a stressful day. A salsa lesson could be your escape from the reality that takes you to the world where you can feel graceful and free. Dancing through music can bring you to a new world where every day work travels, bad-tempered bosses, and loud children don't exist.

There’s no better way to forget all your worries about the world than to submerge yourself into a dance that’s both interesting and enjoyable at one fell swoop. Join salsa dance lessons in santa monica together with a friend and have a good. By joining a dance class, you will not only have something to look forward to every week, but you will also have healthier physical body and healthier mind.

September 13, 2014

The Pain in My Life

I can say for sure that the pain my life is not where I lied in the hospital bed and hope for some pain reliever to ease my pain. It is a matter of the heart. The first real pain is when my family left me at a strange city to further pursue my education. There is no great university at my home town so I need to go to the big town to be a college student.

The first time by my own in the big city is really frightening. I have no friends and I am all alone. I have to do everything by myself from buying food to wash my dishes and my clothes. But, the experience taught me a lot so I can be an independent person. Until today, my mother always praised me how I manage to live on my own for almost a decade in the big city.

September 11, 2014

Bridal Hoodie: A Fun Fashion for Your Wedding Day

Wedding wear fashion has been very popular and important today; this was influenced by a lot of celebrities getting married. Wedding fashion can highlight your wedding delight while still having the traditional feel of it. Hoodies are the ultimately comfortable to wear and perfect for soothing or casual celebrations, and ideal for keeping it tranquil on your wedding. They typically available in a lot of different designs colors, so you are able to choose one that is perfect for your theme, you can also buy bride to be hoodie custom so you can get the one that you really like.

Having a good wedding fashion is a great idea to make your wedding day a day to remember not only for you but also for the people who will attend that special day of your life.

August 29, 2014

Feels Like A Second Home

I always tell my friend that a book store is like a second home for me. I can find myself in one of those aisles for hours. That’s why my friend always drag me quickly if I happen to find a book store, because they know I will spend hours in there. Once, my girlfriend shakes her head because she literally accompanied me to the bookstore for 3 straight hours.

She said that she doesn’t want to go to the bookstore with me anymore. I already told her that I will spend a lot of time in there. I love all kinds of books from mystery, fantasy, thriller, to some biography and mythology. I still love the feel of the physical books in my hand better than some electronic books. My mother always complained that the cupboard in my old room is not enough to get all my book collections. I know that I need to sell some of my books but I just don’t have the heart to do it yet.

Searching for Good Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie mounts are small innovations that we likely ignore even though they make things easier for us. A usual cable tie is just a band of nylon. An end of the strip ends in a small four-sided case that has an opening in it. Another end of the band could be conceded through the case’s opening. A side of the band has "teeth", or what are known as "gear racks".

This geared shallow is aimed to go through the covering in a one route only. When pressed in, the teeth grasp a notch within the case. This grasps the strip very resolutely in position, and stops it from being drawn out. This is a good accessory to more organized cables all over our home, you can check out if you want to order online.

Eye Makeup from Day ‘til Night

Every time I go out for work or for an event of party, I make sure that I have the right makeup and outfit on. I usually read magazines and visit different sites online to look for tutorials and ideas about makeup. I was having a hard time with eye makeup and when I found the perfect shadow for every event, I just feel that I need to share it with you.

During the day, when I go to work, I opt for natural colors such as earth tones and pastels. These shades give me a professional, approachable and softer look. With the light tones, they are easily maintained and retouched. However, during nighttime when I hit clubs and parties, I go for bold colors because they simply stand out and draw attention.

Knowing these ideas gave me a more attractive and appealing look during the day and night. With the array of shades to choose from, I can easily complement my outfit and my entire style with my eye shadow. Pairing my look with confidence and a bright smile, and I’m always good to go!

Start a Gluten Free Diet Routine for Healthier Lifestyle

Those people who have Celiac Disease are aware of the importance of having a gluten free diet. Their lifestyle depends on them shunning foods that have gluten. But there are a lot of other people who are grieving from lesser amounts of gluten sensitivity that are able to benefit from a gluten free diet too. Gluten sensitivity can lead to a lot of different kinds of health difficulties from apparently minor issues to problems that affect your daily life.

Since there hasn’t been enough study into every problem that gluten sensitivity could lead to. It’s suspected that gluten might be the reason of many other health problems. And this is a serious issue, so to know more about it, it is important to read about gluten free health benefits.

August 5, 2014

Humans and Monkeys our similarities

Although we all believe that we evolved from Monkeys, there are a few reasons added on to this fact. I just recently found out that monkeys have brain wirings that easily evolves, which is why we came to be humans. This flexibility gives them the option to make decisions. 25 human brains were scanned and 25 scanned macaques brains were compared to it. It was concluded that 11 components in the frontal cortex are similar and wired the same way.

Imagine that right? However some of the scans show that the monkeys do not have the lateral frontal pole that allows humans to be planners and multi-taskers. This also shows that Humans are more capable of being strategist. Although I see a lot of Monkey documentaries and watch how they find food with utmost strategy. Well unlike the Lions who hunt in packs, these Monkeys are also very smart in their hunting strategies.

July 15, 2014

Something Good is About to Happen

Ever since our family started our music business we have been hearing so many different kinds of reviews. Some is about the goods that we are selling while there are those that tell about the kind of service that they received while at the store.

Of course some our good while some are not so good but either way these feedbacks from customers help us make the store and our service a whole lot better. Due to the many comments that we have received regarding the size of our store we are so happy to tell all our valued customers that something good is definitely about to happen in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully this will be something that all music lovers will enjoy.

June 7, 2014

Vietnam Is The Next Tourist Destination

Vietnam was my Interior Design Thesis Paper. Chosen randomly from a bag, it was not by choice. Vietnam is the war zone, which is basically why we have heard so much of Vietnam. But what is Vietnam?

When I went to do my research on Vietnam I found the Embassy to be unmanned and creepy. Since we really don’t need a Visa to go there, the embassy is nothing but a stand with a couple of brochures and when I say a couple, I meant two pamphlets.

But today they captured the garments industry, making them the next Korea and they have great discounts on airline tickets and tour packages. Funny because they really don’t have much to offer from what I researched on back in college. They don’t have malls, nor great sandy beaches. But they do have historical landmarks and a fantastic culture that beats American diversity with their yin and yang east meets west cultural beauty.

Notes on Mok’s Post-Christening Celebration

I am really happy that hubby and I managed to hold a post-christening celebration despite of a limited budget and short time in preparing. The requirements for my baby’s baptism was swiftly done while the preparation for the food for the sponsors, relatives and visitors took more than half a day to finish.

Hubby’s family was in-charge of the food preparation. They started slicing the ingredients at late night and finished just hours before the event itself. There were around 20 tables dressed up in blue 72 inch round table cloth for the people to sit on and a long buffet table on the middle of it. There was even a videoke machine that lightened up the celebration. Overall, it went well. I am just so happy that my baby is now baptized.

May 24, 2014

If you’re eating don’t read this

Last night I had a dream and excuse me if you guys will be disgusted but I felt the need to share it because this is a new one for me. I was terribly sickened and confused of the dream I had. I was eating a chocolate cake and only to realize that it was poop that I was eating so deliciously. I was horror struck and tried to spit it out and washed my mouth over and over again until I woke up.

What could that dream be all about; I was left with intrigue that somehow it has a meaning that I don’t know of. What I did is I Googled for some explanation and it turns out that many people have dream of eating poop or dream of encountering feces too.

It says the dreaming of feces in general can mean luck, an opportunity or it can also be a feeling of uncertainty that you need to sort in order to go on with your life. It can mean money luck depending how perceive money. I just hope that it will mean luck for me or for our family because I’ve been very positive this year.

Kawasaki motorcycle at best performance

The most essential things that you are able to do to keep you Kawasaki motorcycle working at best performance is to do regular maintenance. There are many way to do this. There are owners who bring their bikes into a mechanic shop regularly of a checkup. While there are some who wants to save money and just do the work at home themselves. Performing DIY is a big help to keep the maintenance expenses for the Kawasaki motorcycle.

if you want to do the maintenance yourself to save money from taking your motorcycle to the mechanic or repair shop, then you are doing the right thing, just make sure that you have all the kawasaki motorcycle parts that you need to make sure you make the work done properly.

March 8, 2014

Always And Forever A Mommy’s Girl

Not every girl can say that they have a good relationship with their moms. I’m one of the lucky ones who can, and who does.

I was born and raised solely by my mom—my biological father (whom I consider simply as a sperm donor, for all I care) walked out on us after failing to convince my mom to get an abortion. Some kids may find this an unfortunate situation to be in but not me, I feel really blessed that I have a mom who can also be a dad at the same time. She used to tell me it’s going to be her and me against the world—and yes, she’s right. Even until today that she’s found her man and is now happily married, I’m still her number one priority.

My heart is filled with joy whenever I think back and remember all our days together, she really is the best mother in the world. I’m only hoping I can give back and make her feel all the love she’s given me.

My Fear of School Presentations

I’ve always been scared of presentations at school. I was a shy girl and I don’t like being in the center of attractions. I remember when I was at my senior year, our teacher required us to do some presentation as one of the last requirements to graduations. It was for my English class, I went to find cheap presentation folder printing, asked my sister to help me, and then went to present on my class.

At first I was really scared; my voice is really low that my teacher asked me to speak louder which makes me feel more nervous. And in the end, my classmates and teacher congratulate me as it was a job well done. I don’t even know what I said and what I did, what I am thankful for is that it’s already over and I don’t know if I can do the same thing again.

March 7, 2014

Drink some coffee in a very fun way

I always had a very awkward hobby, since I was young that I always enjoyed collecting things where I could drink juice or coffee, nowadays I only do it for coffee and I’m much more selective than I was in the past, it’s normal, once you get older, your taste and your knowledge will be different and you’ll be more demanding.

I found these promotional coffee mugs, and at a first glance one would suspect due to the price, but it seems that not always price is synonym of quality, the design of these mugs is terrific and nowadays I’m very pleased to add them to my collectables, never judge a book by its cover, nor a mug by its price.

February 14, 2014

HP Chromebook 11 May Be Plastic But It’s Apple Trendy

AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi calls it a netbook renaissance period. This eye catcher is sleek and is comparable to apple products. White with accent colors of blue, red, yellow or green. It accentuates the keyboard as well as the forgotten bottom part of the notebook.

Specification wise it runs on Google’s Chrome OS so for someone going paranoid over a virus or malware can be secured. Despite the dawn of Android or iOS this assurance is worth the discomfort of carrying around a notebook. But with only 2.3 lbs to log around, I am thinking it won’t be as bad as its predecessors.

What blows the mind is the Exynos 5250 that simply marvels the cooling obsessed techies. The fabulously designed bottom plate is also a heat spreader with thermal interface material.

An Insurance Today Saves You Tomorrow

People often say that you should do things today that your future self will thank you for. That saying also applies when it comes to insurance. You never know what will happen tomorrow when it comes to your health and safety, which is why it is important to be prepared as early as today.

As for the health insurance of burlington nc, there is a company out there that will help provide you with affordable insurance which you can use in the event of a disability, sickness, or even for your teeth. You simply have to look locally, and see what can benefit you most. Live worry free today. When you have insurance, you are assured of your safety tomorrow.

January 28, 2014

Everyone Deserves a Good Massage

Every weekend, I get massage to get myself relaxed after a long tiring week of working. It is the best way to pampered for a workaholic like me. The ease it gives to my body, particularly the muscles is priceless. It helps me release all the tensions and anxieties I gained from the whole week of hard work.

And because of this, I got interested of learning how to perform massage myself. I enrolled to a massage course to get my own massage diploma program and share my knowledge and ability to perform this unique art of massaging. I want everyone to try massaging. I want to be a private therapist than to have massage center and let other do it. It’s because for me, the treatment and value will be much better.  

January 25, 2014

Miss World 2013

There are so many pageant fans who are happy last week. For this year, they have witnessed the crowning of the new beauty queen. The winning candidate of Miss World 2013 was crowned in Indonesia in the midst of wishful spectators. Megan Young, who is a candidate of the Philippines, won the name as Miss World for this year.

Megan Young is already popular before she joined the pristegious international beauty pageant. She is an actress, television host and model. Before she appeared in the worldwide scene as a newly-crowned beauty queen, she also appeared in films and television series. The half-Filipina, half-American beauty dreamed to be a famous beauty queen someday.

During the contest, Megan showed off her skills in modeling and interacting with other people. She was tagged as an “early favorite.” Because of her charming personality and gorgeous gown, she won the Top Model special award. She was also included in the Top 5 of the Beach Fashion special award.

Classic Martin At Musicians Friend First Hand Encounter

My first hand encounter with the classic martin at musicians friend was when I needed to buy a gift for my long lost friend. The limitations of selecting a gift for a man are limited to colognes, pens and the list could go on of all the boring things you would buy for a man. I knew that I had to buy something sentimental for him; something close to his heart and that was a guitar.

The minute I laid my eyes on classic martin, I knew it had to be the one. Its body size polished back, wide neck, slotted headstock, and classical bridge took my breath away. Right there I knew my search had come to an end.

Shop for Best Yamaha Bell Kit Online

When you are just starting off playing music, one of the most important things you should be thinking of investing is a Yamaha bell kit. Typically such kits provide students who are beginners with an instrument that they will find quite easy to play which will allow them to build their skills so that one day they’ll be able to play larger more complex instruments. Provided you shop thoroughly you can find the best yamaha bell kit online.

The ideal bell kit for beginners will have lightweight aluminum bells which are less complex for you to start with. Most importantly though, the instruments found on such kits will always have good quality sound that is consistent with that of the larger instruments which you’ll one day advance to.