December 14, 2013

Why Loving The Annoying Orange?

Typically, people do love someone who projects right attitude and respect toward the other people. If you are like me who can figure out the trending happenings in the web the faster way, you won’t miss out knowing the tangerine colored talking orange. This thing is widely known as the Annoying Orange.

The creator of the short film is a very wealthy man today for having many subscribers and views in their YouTube Channel. As its name implies, the character depicts anyone who joins in his company. He will try to do his best just to accomplish his everyday goal: to annoy. If you have known him too, why do you think more and more people tend to love him? That this means that awful people’s population grows excessively. I am against mean and rude people, but watching annoying orange’s videos gave me a full entertainment and I am even on his side.

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