October 11, 2014

The Magic Truth About Love

I experienced many things in my life like missing someone too much , feeling emptiness , feeling that it's the end when it's just a new beginning , feeling that all the doors are closed when there are many doors opened, feeling that something bad will happen . But, I loved someone and that’s when my life totally changed.

Love is a magic word, complex but absolutely necessary because it allows you to discover other sensations and give meaning to our lives. The truth about love is that you feel alone when you are with all your friends but not with your lover. The truth about love is you will miss her or him when she will leave you for a day or a week or a month. The magic about love is that it is capable to keep our souls related. It is like something stronger than you could imagine, and it is keeping you attached to that particular person.

Love is about giving, missing thinking about the other more than about ourselves. Love is about pushing yourself to the limit just to stay by her side as long as you live.

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