December 22, 2013

Korean Drama Review: To the Beautiful You

I don’t know why most Korean drama involves cross dressing, but for some reason I find it very entertaining. I like Sungkyungkwan scandal and He’s Beautiful and the latest series that I just watched is “To the beautiful you.” The genre is romantic comedy; the story is about a girl named Goo Jae Hee who grew up in America. She went to Korea and enrolled in an all-boys school, pretended to be a boy just so she can fulfill her fan dream of seeing her favorite athlete Kang Tae Joon return to high jumping again. The series is based on the Japanese manga Hanazakai no Kimitachi e. I haven’t seen the Taiwanese and Japanese adaptation yet but because I’m such a fan of K-dramas I chose watching To the beautiful you instead.

I didn’t quite actually like how the drama started, I feel a bit bored or maybe because Jae hee is so giddy over Kang Tae Joon during their first meeting but it turned out to be funny and likable as the story builds up. I love Cha Eun Gyol’s character here; he’s the love rival of Kang Tae Joon. He has a warm and happy character and he’s so funny especially when he’s confused about his feelings over Jae hee. Kang Tae Joon’s character here is serious, I didn’t really enjoy his character but I love how he looks after Jae Hee, I thought it’s sweet. If you ask me about the heroine , I don’t like how she’s obsessed, I really don’t get the idea of going all the way to Korea just to encourage your favorite athlete. I know she means well and I’m glad that it turned out to be great. What really stole the show for me was the dog named “Sanchu”. I love the dog, he’s so white and cuddly, and I want him as my pillow!

If you want to watch a romantic feel good drama, I would recommend this. It will make you laugh at stupidest things they do and also make you feel giddy and squeal in their love triangle.

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