December 14, 2013

Drivers prefer my figure

On the daily basis, I ride a jeep back and forth in able to go to market and buy some freshly vegetables and meat. I would be lucky if the jeepney has a lot of space to move on, but terrible when I jump on in almost full vehicle.

I understand that the plight of the drivers is not a joke and they strive hard to get better earning each day they drive. On the commuters’ side, slow moving jeepney makes their planned schedule very late indeed, especially for the working person and the students. Most of the jeepney in my area never moves an inch unless he sees that he can drive with enough passengers. I’m so petite that my size is the favorite of the drivers for I can be filled in even with a small space. I blame having that practice for not having an ideal hip. The more me-size the vehicle could carry, the merrier the drivers will be.

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