December 22, 2013

Korean Drama Review: To the Beautiful You

I don’t know why most Korean drama involves cross dressing, but for some reason I find it very entertaining. I like Sungkyungkwan scandal and He’s Beautiful and the latest series that I just watched is “To the beautiful you.” The genre is romantic comedy; the story is about a girl named Goo Jae Hee who grew up in America. She went to Korea and enrolled in an all-boys school, pretended to be a boy just so she can fulfill her fan dream of seeing her favorite athlete Kang Tae Joon return to high jumping again. The series is based on the Japanese manga Hanazakai no Kimitachi e. I haven’t seen the Taiwanese and Japanese adaptation yet but because I’m such a fan of K-dramas I chose watching To the beautiful you instead.

I didn’t quite actually like how the drama started, I feel a bit bored or maybe because Jae hee is so giddy over Kang Tae Joon during their first meeting but it turned out to be funny and likable as the story builds up. I love Cha Eun Gyol’s character here; he’s the love rival of Kang Tae Joon. He has a warm and happy character and he’s so funny especially when he’s confused about his feelings over Jae hee. Kang Tae Joon’s character here is serious, I didn’t really enjoy his character but I love how he looks after Jae Hee, I thought it’s sweet. If you ask me about the heroine , I don’t like how she’s obsessed, I really don’t get the idea of going all the way to Korea just to encourage your favorite athlete. I know she means well and I’m glad that it turned out to be great. What really stole the show for me was the dog named “Sanchu”. I love the dog, he’s so white and cuddly, and I want him as my pillow!

If you want to watch a romantic feel good drama, I would recommend this. It will make you laugh at stupidest things they do and also make you feel giddy and squeal in their love triangle.

A Good Day

Today has been a very productive day. I was able to finish all my chores, I did some advanced work at the office, and I was also able to do some shopping for my little sibs. I bought a drum case at Musicians Friend for my brother who’s a band drummer, a suitcase for my sister who’s a flight stewardess, and some other random gifts to give to everyone this Christmas.

Once I arrived home, I still had some time left to prepare a delicious dinner for my husband and kids. I feel like I have all the time in the world today. This rarely ever happens because I’m usually swamped with work and family matters. I just hope that tomorrow, my day will be as good.

December 14, 2013

Drivers prefer my figure

On the daily basis, I ride a jeep back and forth in able to go to market and buy some freshly vegetables and meat. I would be lucky if the jeepney has a lot of space to move on, but terrible when I jump on in almost full vehicle.

I understand that the plight of the drivers is not a joke and they strive hard to get better earning each day they drive. On the commuters’ side, slow moving jeepney makes their planned schedule very late indeed, especially for the working person and the students. Most of the jeepney in my area never moves an inch unless he sees that he can drive with enough passengers. I’m so petite that my size is the favorite of the drivers for I can be filled in even with a small space. I blame having that practice for not having an ideal hip. The more me-size the vehicle could carry, the merrier the drivers will be.

Need Administrative Help? Lawyer Up

Government regulations can be very tricky. What you know today may not be true tomorrow. In a blink of an eye it can change without prior notice, and this can leave you and your business in a very bad state. Sometimes, you will not be permitted to continue your operations, and in this cases you need to lawyer up.

Getting the help of administrative lawyers does not mean that you are going to battle the government, it just a good way to seek advice on how you can proceed with your company the right way, and according to the law. Administrative attorneys can also help you if you feel that you are treated unjustly, so if there is any problem, seek assistance right away.

An Expert Financial Review

Being a business owner is not without its own setbacks. Sure I love my business, not to mention it is nice to be my own boss. However, dealing with the financial aspect of the whole thing is a nightmare. I have to make sure that everything is not unaccounted for, and the employees are being honest when it comes to money.

Another problem is the tax. I can never seem to pass it on time on my own. That is the main reason why I sought the help of CE Thorn CPA, to make everything as easy as possible. He reviews my financial data and tells me if everything is up to speed and one hundred percent alright. I do the business aspect, and it is his job to handle my money matters.

Why Loving The Annoying Orange?

Typically, people do love someone who projects right attitude and respect toward the other people. If you are like me who can figure out the trending happenings in the web the faster way, you won’t miss out knowing the tangerine colored talking orange. This thing is widely known as the Annoying Orange.

The creator of the short film is a very wealthy man today for having many subscribers and views in their YouTube Channel. As its name implies, the character depicts anyone who joins in his company. He will try to do his best just to accomplish his everyday goal: to annoy. If you have known him too, why do you think more and more people tend to love him? That this means that awful people’s population grows excessively. I am against mean and rude people, but watching annoying orange’s videos gave me a full entertainment and I am even on his side.

A Guitar In The Making

I learned how to play the guitar at the early age of 10. Back then, I used to see my father playing his guitar, and that made me interested enough to learn. I would borrow his guitar when not in use, and try to carry out a tune until I became accustomed to the instrument, and learned to read the notes.

I never had a guitar of my own, even as I grew older. I was contented to borrow my dad’s instrument, not because I did not have money to buy one, but because I always find fault in the guitars I see on music stores. That all changed when I handled the seagull acoustic guitar. It packed a great tune, and was very easy to handle. You can say that it was a guitar in the making.

A Hefty Sidekick For Printing

I work for a startup music production company. My boss asked me to look for the newest technology involving disc printing and labeling since our printer alone cannot print many disc at a time. It is making our production slow, thus it hinders us from releasing anything on time. We all know that our clients will not trust us with a project again if this continues, so I looked for a solution.

As I was browsing the net, I stumbled on a good behringer sm200 at musicians friend. It is a disk caddie product that speeds up the duplication of discs which was just the thing we needed. By using it, our production company became more efficient at what we do.

A Cool Guitar Tune

My dad is a fan of the violin, but never learned how to play one. Instead, he is great with the guitar. That is why when he learned that there is a good acronova sidekick at musicians friend that can recreate the sound of the violin through the guitar, he bought one in a whim.

When it arrived, he immediately hooked up his favorite guitar and played music. To its credit, the behringer does indeed copy the sound of the violin, plus it gives of a cool classic tone. My dad was so thrilled because now he can easily recreate the tune he has always wanted to play. His only regret was the fact that he did not purchase it sooner.

Addiction: Recovery Is Just A Rehab Away

My brother has always been an achiever. That is why we were pretty surprised to find out that he suffered from addiction. He did not do coke and all that hard stuff, but he became addicted to Percocet, a type of pain reliever which he began taking after having a sports accident. The good thing was my brother acknowledged his addiction and wanted to get help.

As a family, we wanted to support him so we looked for percocet rehabilitation center that would treat his condition. At first he was afraid that it would not help at all, but after undergoing the treatment, he became so much better. He told me that he is never going to touch that stuff again.

December 1, 2013

Mom versus Dad

It is a rivalry between parents if the assignment for each parents’ task for their children aren’t defined well. That would be a great chaos. However, there are chores which are better done by fathers rather than mothers.

Per experience, my mother used to be the one who tutors me with my lessons at school. And most of the time, our study time ends up with me, crying and haven’t learned anything. The problem with my mom is that she’s very emotional. She can’t control her anger and her patience runs out easily.

On the other hand, I have a cousin who is tutored by her dad and they do that every night. Amazingly, my cousin does well in school and she has created this love for studying. And I think the logic behind this is because men are more rational and less emotional than women. Fathers don’t get angry easily because they get angry for a reason.

With this task, it is still a battle of the sexes. Though, I don’t generalize the thought that men are better tutors than woman because this is only my view based on the experience that we have in our family.

A Special Trip For The Seniors

At 68 years old, both of my parents are still energetic and adventurous. During their younger years, they have traveled all over the world, and partied like there was no tomorrow. It is no surprise that they still act like the teenagers they once were, more so when they hit their senior years. Since they always tell me that I never spend time with them, I decided to take them on a very special trip. Last month, the three of us went to Vegas. No kids, no wife, just me and my wacky parents. Most of you would not even think of taking your senior parents in that place since it is all about the fast life and excitement, but not me.

Besides, I was confident that my parents would be able to keep up, and they did. Aside from that, we were able to get special deals on the hotels where we stayed at. Apparently, there are discounts for senior travel to las vegas. Some places offer budget prices for old people, and since my parents fit the bill, we were able to save a lot of money. However, even if we paid less, we still got the best rooms, superb service, and the time of our lives. I took my parents to different casinos, had a massage on the hotel spa, and just bonded together. It was indeed a special trip, one that I would remember for years to come. Next year, I am planning on doing it all over again with them.