November 17, 2013

The Spotlight On The Bar

My father passed away last year, and he left me his bar to take care of. Ever since I can remember, my father’s bar has always been there, and because of the money we got from it, I was able to finish college. Sadly, the bar was in bad shape when it was handed to me, and few customers still go there. I knew that I had to revive it for my dad.

I decided to turn the place into a bar slash performance place. I got this wacky idea to let this artsy group of people take over every Friday night, and under the spotlight, they would perform their song, say their poetry, and do what they do. I had to install a stage, buy led pinspots at musicians friend to make it seem authentic, and get reliable speakers. The good news is my idea worked, and the bar is back in business.

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