December 1, 2013

Mom versus Dad

It is a rivalry between parents if the assignment for each parents’ task for their children aren’t defined well. That would be a great chaos. However, there are chores which are better done by fathers rather than mothers.

Per experience, my mother used to be the one who tutors me with my lessons at school. And most of the time, our study time ends up with me, crying and haven’t learned anything. The problem with my mom is that she’s very emotional. She can’t control her anger and her patience runs out easily.

On the other hand, I have a cousin who is tutored by her dad and they do that every night. Amazingly, my cousin does well in school and she has created this love for studying. And I think the logic behind this is because men are more rational and less emotional than women. Fathers don’t get angry easily because they get angry for a reason.

With this task, it is still a battle of the sexes. Though, I don’t generalize the thought that men are better tutors than woman because this is only my view based on the experience that we have in our family.

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