November 26, 2013

Preppin’ up for Christmas

As the head of the household, it’s my responsibility to make sure every member of my family stays safe—especially this coming winter season. It’s not usually a celebratory time for me because I always end up doing the grunt work such as air-proofing the house, repairing the windows, shoveling snow off the driveway, etc.

This year will be different, however. My son is old enough to be taught how to do simple things such as sticking on high temp adhesive across the basement and attic windows to prevent it from breaking in case of a windstorm. It’s amusing watching him act like a tough grown up when in fact; he’s only nine years old! I do hope everything goes well this season.

November 17, 2013

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I’m a confessed hunger games fan. I really love the book, too bad I come to read it very late. Thumps up for the book, the movie is not that great. Frankly the film ruined my imagination and the whole Peeta and Katniss’ romance.

Hopping from one bookstore to another, I was a bit frustrated because the 2nd book of the series were always out of stock, gladly there’s one store that has it, although the book edition was expensive, I just bought it because my hands are itching to flip those pages.

Frankly I was I bit bored reading the first half of the book. I hated Katniss, what I hate was her confusion about Gale and Peeta. The whole love triangle thing is cute and teens would really dig it since they can pick a favorite guy. Team Peeta and Team Gale! This would remind me of Twilight but in this book you might want to finish reading the whole story before you would really know who Katniss would really choose. The story does not really progress until you get to the 2nd half of the book. I like the new characters that Collins added and once again the ending would really get to you. Because it just leaves you hanging, wondering, and excited to know about the 3rd book in the series.

The Spotlight On The Bar

My father passed away last year, and he left me his bar to take care of. Ever since I can remember, my father’s bar has always been there, and because of the money we got from it, I was able to finish college. Sadly, the bar was in bad shape when it was handed to me, and few customers still go there. I knew that I had to revive it for my dad.

I decided to turn the place into a bar slash performance place. I got this wacky idea to let this artsy group of people take over every Friday night, and under the spotlight, they would perform their song, say their poetry, and do what they do. I had to install a stage, buy led pinspots at musicians friend to make it seem authentic, and get reliable speakers. The good news is my idea worked, and the bar is back in business.

A Friendly Competition Of DJ’s

My best friend and I are always trying to outdo each other. This started in high school, and even today, the competition still lingers. Since we are both DJ’s, the challenge lies in the gigs that we get, our spinning abilities, and the equipment we use. If one of us gets invited to spin at a popular club, the other has to outshine it, lest he wants to lose.

There was this time when my friend was able to buy the MIDI controller that I always wanted. I was happy for him since it was a good piece of equipment, but I also knew that he did it to further ignite our little game. To get back at him, I purchased the akai lpd8 at musicians friend as soon as I got the money. We wanted it both because it works like a gem. Up to this day my friend is trying to find a better controller, but I am confident that there is nothing else out there because I got the best.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

Ever wonder what if you won a Lottery worth of millions? That would be major, right! My minds often ruminate about winning loads of money so that my financial problems would all be solved in just a blink of an eye. It’s just like having your own Genie, although having a Genie in a bottle is way cooler than winning cash.

If I will be super lucky to win millions, I would donate some of it to the charities: Most of it will be charities that help the children and the environment. The Children is our future and they need a clean environment. I would also invest different in businesses. I prefer fast food or restaurants because I know people like eating wherever they go. Of course I would include traveling the world because it’s really my dream. I would build my dream house and help my family with the money. I’m a lady so I want to have a wardrobe closet with all the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that I want. Finally I get to be sheik! The remaining should be saved up for my daughter’s future, because I want the best for her.

No Longer Second Best

Our school team has a track record of being the second place in almost all band competition that we join. Honestly, we were tired of it, so this year we decided to liven it up. The members of the band trained tirelessly, and color guards like me had to coordinate and choreograph our moves with precision. This year is our year and we would not accept the thought of being second best again.

To complete the get up, we got exciting color guard uniforms that would make us move freely and captivate the audience. Come competition time, we showed them who is boss. We executed the moves perfectly, and the crowd was mesmerized by our uniforms. We won that day, and now we can proudly say that we are no longer the second fiddle, we are the best.

November 5, 2013

Enjoy Singapore

Singapore is located Southeast part of Asia. It is known as the smallest nation in that part of the continent. It is located on the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula and was once part of the Republic of Malaysia. Small as it is, yet people from all over the world love to visit this place. If you love shopping, you are absolutely in the right place.

Hit the Orchard Road for anything and everything and shop till you drop. For starters, you can head to CK Tangs Department Store, Takashimaya in Ngee Ann City and the Lucky Plaza for purchasing electronics. The clothing stores at VivoCity usually offer great sales almost all of the time. A day of shopping in Singapore is sure a hit! During the night, partygoers head to Zouk, China One and Pump Room to listen to good genre of music and have some drinks. If partying isn’t your type, you can just simply chill out at East Coast Park with friends and tell ghost stories in pre-owned tents.

When in Singapore, be sure to include a Sunday in your itinerary so you can visit the Serangoon Road to witness the visually appealing Little India. Well, just for a tip: Chewing gums are not available locally in Singapore but you can bring your own gum and chew it here.

For Your Eyes Only

I have always admired those people who manage to collect something. For some it can be collecting something as precious as a crystal while there are some who collects simple things like skateboards.

I am not a big fan of skateboards and those who uses it but I must say that it swept me of my feet when I saw this really amazing skateboard display rack. It looks really simple. It’s a rack that is made of wood with glass cover. It was placed on the corner of a big room but it is surely the centerpiece of that area. It held a couple of really cool and expensive skateboards. Of course something as beautiful as that is only meant to be look at and not touched.