October 18, 2013

Raise Your Voice

I’ve been going to a music camps for almost three summers. I love how almost all of the new kids I meet at the camp are all music enthusiasts (although some were just forced by their parents to attend). I’ve learned a lot about life and my passion for music in the three summers I spent as a camper. However, there are still some kinks that our camp has to work on—their equipment and other instruments are quite old and some are even unusable anymore.

Now that I’ll be going back as a counselor, I hope I’ll be able to help improve this situation. I’ve been doing some research a few months back and was able to find some really affordable equipment for the camp. We really need new ones because most of the old ones fail during our recitals at the last day of the camp—especially the technical stuff. I heard that they sell good preamp at gc, and some other equipment can also be found online. Looking forward to discuss this with my fellow counselors and raise our voice to the big boss!

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