October 18, 2013

Pinoy Astronaut

Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA), will select qualified two Filipinos out of 10,000 applicants in www.AxeApollo.com and the candidate will undergo training at theAxe Apollo Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida.

This is big news for the Philippines because this is truly a first for us, to be able to travel outer space and see amazing things that no Filipino has ever seen before; the life beyond Earth. Just thinking about it makes my heart sings. I really like star gazing; sometimes I’m tempted to apply as a candidate even though I know I am not qualified. You have to be physically and emotionally fit to join. You can’t just join because you wanted to; it takes a strong body to withstand space, but it’s really fascinating to be able to see the stars and planets up close. I know it will me far more different than what it looks like when you’re just staring at the distant skies. It is definitely an incredible experience.

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