October 27, 2013

It’s a girl thing

Men don’t get girls; I know that there are things that women do or have, that men don’t understand. We girls are one of a kind. We do things or carry things that can really be irritating to the guys, and we don’t expect them to be understanding about it.

We like wearing heels, but we also carry flats or some flops in our bag just so if our feet get tired, we can just switch them. You might be wondering, why not wear a comfy shoes instead? Well, we girls wear high heels to be sexy and dashing our clothes. It’s not like guys wear high heels.

Here’s another one, the big purses that we carry in our bag. In the Philippines we call it “kikay kit’. There’s a different wallet for our money, we also have a coin purse and a purse for our make-ups, lipsticks, cream, sanitizers, and sanitary pads. The entire girl stuff that we carry and can’t live without. We like to look pretty always, so excuse us if we put on a little lipstick, blush and some body mist or perfume just to ran an errand or go to a store. We like to change clothes more often, this depends on our mood or if we think that we had sweat a lot on our previous clothes. I don’t expect men to be like that, well most men I think. Again this is just a girl thing and you can’t do anything about it.

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