October 18, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Craze

Everyone is fuzzing about the Breaking dawn Part 2 movie, at last the final franchise of the Twilight Saga is right here. People are tweeting about it and half of my Facebook friends are talking about it, Posting how good it was, that Bella’s a bass ass. Everyone is talking about it and everyone has seen it except me. Yes, me! I really wanted to see it not because I’m a crazy fan, but so that I can compare the movie from the book and just so I can critic how well the actors had portrayed the characters in the last installment.

I have read the book series, frankly I enjoyed reading them but I think I would not be reading them again. Seeing the first movie of the series made me so excited but then again after seeing the other movie follow ups, all the hype was gone maybe because it got very dragging and uncool. This is the last movie of the Twilight series and since I watched all the series, I might as well finish it at least. I should bid my farewell to the sparkling vampire and werewolves in steroids.

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