October 27, 2013

Get An Insurance, Protect Your Home

Insurance is important nowadays whether for home, health, or even vehicles. That is why the moment Mark sealed the deal and was able to purchase his own house, he immediately asked around for homeowners insurance quotes. His father always told him that he cannot do without insurance. In case of a calamity, or accident inside the house, he would instantly get coverage from the company.

It gave him the peace of mind that he needed. From time to time, Mark encourages his friends to get a home insurance as well, but since they are not as wise as Mark, they continue to decline him and say that nothing bad will happen. Mark is not convinced though, as he knew for a fact that if something indeed happens in the future, without insurance, they will never get their belongings back.

It’s a girl thing

Men don’t get girls; I know that there are things that women do or have, that men don’t understand. We girls are one of a kind. We do things or carry things that can really be irritating to the guys, and we don’t expect them to be understanding about it.

We like wearing heels, but we also carry flats or some flops in our bag just so if our feet get tired, we can just switch them. You might be wondering, why not wear a comfy shoes instead? Well, we girls wear high heels to be sexy and dashing our clothes. It’s not like guys wear high heels.

Here’s another one, the big purses that we carry in our bag. In the Philippines we call it “kikay kit’. There’s a different wallet for our money, we also have a coin purse and a purse for our make-ups, lipsticks, cream, sanitizers, and sanitary pads. The entire girl stuff that we carry and can’t live without. We like to look pretty always, so excuse us if we put on a little lipstick, blush and some body mist or perfume just to ran an errand or go to a store. We like to change clothes more often, this depends on our mood or if we think that we had sweat a lot on our previous clothes. I don’t expect men to be like that, well most men I think. Again this is just a girl thing and you can’t do anything about it.

Friendship Through The Ages

My classmates and I have known each other since kindergarten. Most of us went to the same middle school, and now, high school. You can imagine that we are pretty tight and view each other as siblings instead of ordinary acquaintances. Since we are in our senior year, in a few months we will go our separate ways in college.

Some will move to other countries, while most of us will be scattered through different cities. One thing is for sure, though we will see each other less, the friendship will definitely remain. We bought class rings from joyjewelers.com as a token of our years together, and someday, when we look at that ring, we will remember everything that transpired on our youth.

A Classic Timepiece For The Modern Couple

My husband and I cannot live without a watch. Compared to other people, we are not satisfied on checking the time on our Smart phones, tablets, or other gadgets. No, we prefer to do that on a classic timepiece. In fact, we invest on them. Every once in a while, we search on internet shops and stores on the mall for a great watch we can own.

Last Christmas, my husband gave me one of the bulova brand watches. Since he knew how much I love the classic style, it was simply a perfect gift. Aside from that, it is durable enough to last me a lifetime, so the money he spent on it was indeed a good form of investment. As time is of the essence, we will continue to treasure our watches.

October 18, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Craze

Everyone is fuzzing about the Breaking dawn Part 2 movie, at last the final franchise of the Twilight Saga is right here. People are tweeting about it and half of my Facebook friends are talking about it, Posting how good it was, that Bella’s a bass ass. Everyone is talking about it and everyone has seen it except me. Yes, me! I really wanted to see it not because I’m a crazy fan, but so that I can compare the movie from the book and just so I can critic how well the actors had portrayed the characters in the last installment.

I have read the book series, frankly I enjoyed reading them but I think I would not be reading them again. Seeing the first movie of the series made me so excited but then again after seeing the other movie follow ups, all the hype was gone maybe because it got very dragging and uncool. This is the last movie of the Twilight series and since I watched all the series, I might as well finish it at least. I should bid my farewell to the sparkling vampire and werewolves in steroids.

Living in the Fast Lane

Connecting with the outside world nowadays is as easy as breathing. With the internet and all the different gadgets that are easily bought from almost every corner of the city, every person now has the power to access everything he needs with just a simple flick of the hand. If you need to talk to someone from the other side of the globe, no problem! Just find a WiFi spot and use apps that offer Free Call services—you’re good to go!

Even looking for restaurants and cool places to hangout in can be done with the help of smartphones; apps such as Google Places can be very helpful in this matter. You can even search for estate properties with the help of goconnect real estate checklist and other popular search engines! Everything is definitely within everybody’s reach nowadays—life is getting more and more convenient, thanks to the wonders of technology!

My Restless Tommy

My husband, Tommy, recently retired from his work of 40 years. He’s still getting used to life without work—he can be very restless at home! Wherever he goes and whatever he touches, he’ll surely find something wrong with it and will start ‘fixing’ it. The thing is, Tommy has never been a handyman. In more than sixty years of marriage, only once have I seen him work on something in the house—and he failed miserably at it. Since then, we always hire repairmen and mechanics to do all the fixing around the house.

One unfortunate day, he found something down at our basement that (surprise, surprise!) ‘needed fixing’. I didn’t even know what it’s used for—he kept telling me it’s an engine or something for something or other. Anyway, I let him tinker away and after about thirty minutes, I heard a loud yell from the basement. One of his tools accidentally slipped from his grip and hit him on his mouth! His lower lip had a huge gash—there was blood all over his shirt! We rushed him to the ER right away. That was the last day I saw him ‘fixing’ something that wasn’t broken or useful to us anymore.

Pinoy Astronaut

Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA), will select qualified two Filipinos out of 10,000 applicants in www.AxeApollo.com and the candidate will undergo training at theAxe Apollo Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida.

This is big news for the Philippines because this is truly a first for us, to be able to travel outer space and see amazing things that no Filipino has ever seen before; the life beyond Earth. Just thinking about it makes my heart sings. I really like star gazing; sometimes I’m tempted to apply as a candidate even though I know I am not qualified. You have to be physically and emotionally fit to join. You can’t just join because you wanted to; it takes a strong body to withstand space, but it’s really fascinating to be able to see the stars and planets up close. I know it will me far more different than what it looks like when you’re just staring at the distant skies. It is definitely an incredible experience.

Raise Your Voice

I’ve been going to a music camps for almost three summers. I love how almost all of the new kids I meet at the camp are all music enthusiasts (although some were just forced by their parents to attend). I’ve learned a lot about life and my passion for music in the three summers I spent as a camper. However, there are still some kinks that our camp has to work on—their equipment and other instruments are quite old and some are even unusable anymore.

Now that I’ll be going back as a counselor, I hope I’ll be able to help improve this situation. I’ve been doing some research a few months back and was able to find some really affordable equipment for the camp. We really need new ones because most of the old ones fail during our recitals at the last day of the camp—especially the technical stuff. I heard that they sell good preamp at gc, and some other equipment can also be found online. Looking forward to discuss this with my fellow counselors and raise our voice to the big boss!