September 23, 2013

Thank God For The “Sin Tax”

I love my family and as much as possible I want the best for them, I want them to live long. I am always concerned about their health; what they eat, their vices and other things that can actually destroy them. I never did like smoking. I tried it before, puffing the cigarette and exhaling smoke to let everyone inhale it. It was not fun for me, and I’m glad I was never hooked to it. My father, mother and brother are so into it though. Every time I see them smoke, it really makes my blood boil; I hate the smell of smoke that sticks to your hair and clothes. Other people might misunderstand me as a smoker and every time I scold them, they would just ignore me thinking that I’m such a whiner. I am a whiner, I whine about these things: things than can harm people’s health, things that can kill you. So I am sorry for being such a whiner because I’m just a daughter who’s concerned about her family’s well being.

I am glad that the sin tax bill in the Philippines was now signed, and effective this year; my father said that he would stop smoking because he could not afford to smoke anymore. I’m glad that it will all be over soon. I guess I’m going to take his word for it and hope that he convinces my mother and brother to join him.

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