September 23, 2013

Fire Crackers and Gun Ban

The New Year’s Eve celebration was a feast, I ate a lot and I think all of the food was stored as fats because I’m as lazy as a pig afterwards, all I did was sleep after New Year’s Eve. The sky is not filled with fireworks but the night is great, you see the stars bright in the sky. It’s a city ordinance not to use fireworks; we only used trumpets, drums, engine roars and other things to make noise to welcome the year. But in other places here in the Philippines the sky is lit with bright colors, and the fire cracker’s noises are deafening, other people will also carelessly use guns.

Every year I would always know the effect of fire crackers and gun in welcoming the New Year. There would be exploded fingers, fires, and gunshots. This isn’t new; I really got tired seeing the news. I hate to see the children’s fingers burned and ruined to the point that it needs to be cut off, I hate it when another child dies because of a gunshot, and I hate how reckless the people handle things in the middle of a celebration. I call for a fire crackers and gun ban. There can be a fireworks display, only few people should be allowed to do so, to minimize the awful effects of the people’s recklessness and mishandling s, but the guns should be totally banned ever! The problem with the people here is that they always want to do their own thing and end up harming other people and even themselves. Why can’t the Philippines just celebrate with a nice fireworks display just like what other countries do?

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