August 12, 2013

Y.A Book Rant

I hate it when people say or ask questions about outgrowing reading young adult books. What’s with that? Last year I got pissed when the bookstore attendant randomly said if I am buying the book for a teenager, so I said to her “ No, I’m buying it for myself” Oh my God! That really gets on my nerves. Young adult book is just a book category. Why is it different from adult books? And clearly they share the same premise that is to entertain a reader.

Insulting these kinds of books also insults the people reading them as well as the writers who write these kinds of books. Harry Potter is categorized as children’s books but many adults read them, meanwhile the Lord of the rings is an adult book and yet teens or even children reads them. it’s only a label and the quality of the content of the book is not determined by the section it sits in the bookstore.

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