August 12, 2013

Women’s Skills in Basic Home Repair

My father passed away when I was very young so my mother had to teach me a lot of things at home that normally a man would do. If I were to say, she was really an all-around expert in home maintenance and repair. She was the electrician, the carpenter, the plumber, and sometimes the mechanic. She was a handy-woman who fixed the simple things that broke at home. Because of this skill, I began to see womanhood in a broader perspective. What I learned from school was definitely just a small portion of the many things that women can do.

I think that women are very special creatures that have great understanding of the processes of how things work if given the instructions. Contrary to what I see on TV or in children’s books, women have a lot of aptitude in the mechanisms of many things. My mom was the perfect example for that.

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