August 22, 2013

Interview Blooper

This happened 5 years ago. I applied for a job in a multinational phone company. In the course of the job interview, I was asked by the interviewer, “So what do you know about our company?” I very proudly said, “Oh I know a lot about your company .It is the no.1 phone company in the US! In fact, I even memorized the words of the jingle in your commercial!” I started singing the jingle to impress her. She smirked then frowned. To my dismay and shock, she told me I was singing their competitor’s jingle! Needless to say I didn’t get a call back.

Indeed, it was one of the interview bloopers that happened in my life that I could never forget because I thought that I could almost seal a deal; Instead I got fired before I could even be hired. It was so embarrassing that I got so flustered. I was glad in a way however that I have learned my lessons from that mistake.

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