August 12, 2013

Great Days and Great Coffee

I have always loved coffee, especially in the morning. It is an essential part of my breakfast. Because of my obsession with coffee, I practically buy all the brands and all the types of coffee I can ever get across. I think I have tasted almost all the types of coffee in the world. Almost, because there is one type of coffee that I don’t think I will ever have the appetite to sip – The exotic Alamid coffee, the one made from a wild cat’s feces. I don’t think I will ever have that in my life time.

But except for that, all the rest of the types of coffee that are made from real coffee beans are really great. As long as it is freshly brewed and the aroma is still rich, I can take that coffee any time of the day. Although, some of those flavored instant coffee are great for afternoon snacks, too so you also can’t disregard them.

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