August 12, 2013

Forest Fires are the Ultimate Scare

It was one midmorning last summer when our peaceful neighborhood was brought into chaos because of falling ashes. It was a very scary scene with the entire sky covered in ashes like they were rain. Some of the ashes were still burning so the fear for roofs and houses were very intimidating in that situation. It was only minutes when we found out that the ashes came from a grassy hilltop that was burning that was about 2 kilometers away from the village. The fire was also creeping towards the houses so people were almost in a panic and getting ready with their garden hoses.

The neighbors who had earlier seen the fires called up the fire department. The firemen were a bit puzzled with what they saw when they arrived because it was the very first incident of wildfire they have ever encountered in the history of fire-fighting. Later, we found out that there were too much dead grasses on that hill and it burned with the heat of the sun. Some of my neighbors commented that this tiny wildfire is manifesting climate change which should not be neglected.

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