August 12, 2013

Fairytale Movie Time With My Daughter

My daughter and I are watching Cinderella on Disney. You know how it is with fairytales, you like that happy ending story, the beautiful damsels in distress, gorgeous princes plus the beautiful songs they include into the movie that will really makes you want to watch it. My daughter and I watched this movie last year but she wasn’t really paying attention to the story she only likes the gown Cinderella wore and the music but other than that she’s not into it.

It really caught my attention now that when we were watching it, I noticed that she’s liking the story and she’s very much attentive and in fact could not take her eyes away from the TV screen. Maybe my daughter now understands stories or maybe she just changes her cartoon preferences, she always likes Barney but now she’s beginning to like other cartoons as well and I think that is good.

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