August 12, 2013

Beautiful Ring For A Pretty Lady

Jason was very nervous. He was off to a nearby café to meet his girl. That was the café where they first met, and in that place, he was planning to propose to her. Safely tucked in his pocket was one of the engagement rings that he saw earlier that day. It was a simple ring with a message engraved on the inside part. A diamond gleamed on its exterior. Though the diamond was not that big, it still glistened in the lights and Jason knew that his girl will be delighted.

Upon reaching the café, his palms began to sweat. When his girl arrived, he did not know how to proceed. He gathered his courage and went down in one knee. With a steady voice he raised the ring and asked her to marry him. His girl just stared at the ring, then smiled broadly and said yes. After all was said and done, Jason’s fiancée told him that the ring couldn’t have been more beautiful.

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