August 12, 2013

A Strap For Every Personality

Whenever I play the guitar, the music just takes over, and my body moves to the rhythm. Sometimes I run around the stage during band rehearsals and gigs, and this cause applaud from the audience and extra energy from my band mates. One time though, I moved my hands a bit awkwardly, and the guitar strap lock just snapped out of place. I was so surprised that I nearly dropped my guitar on the floor.

After the gig, I went online to look for a replacement, and that was when I saw the new guitar strap locks at musicians friend. The designs are cool, and I found one that fits my personality. Also, the strong lock provides great grip that allowed me to dance and strum my guitar all over the stage. It was a great replacement, and addition to my guitar accessories. I’m thinking of buying one again soon.

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