August 22, 2013

Interview Blooper

This happened 5 years ago. I applied for a job in a multinational phone company. In the course of the job interview, I was asked by the interviewer, “So what do you know about our company?” I very proudly said, “Oh I know a lot about your company .It is the no.1 phone company in the US! In fact, I even memorized the words of the jingle in your commercial!” I started singing the jingle to impress her. She smirked then frowned. To my dismay and shock, she told me I was singing their competitor’s jingle! Needless to say I didn’t get a call back.

Indeed, it was one of the interview bloopers that happened in my life that I could never forget because I thought that I could almost seal a deal; Instead I got fired before I could even be hired. It was so embarrassing that I got so flustered. I was glad in a way however that I have learned my lessons from that mistake.

Fixing My Computers Dilemma

Due to the nature of my work, I spend most of my time using my computer. I utilize it to research topics, talk to clients, and so much more. Without it I would not know what to do, and I would find it hard to function. That is why I find it so irritating when my pc runs slow. Doing work takes too much time, and I have to spend hours finishing everything.

One time I almost submitted my projects late because of it. To fix this dilemma I searched for the cause of the problem. It turned out that I had too much applications installed, and some of my junk are not erased properly. I downloaded a PC cleanup to fix this, and my problems were as good as gone.

August 12, 2013

Y.A Book Rant

I hate it when people say or ask questions about outgrowing reading young adult books. What’s with that? Last year I got pissed when the bookstore attendant randomly said if I am buying the book for a teenager, so I said to her “ No, I’m buying it for myself” Oh my God! That really gets on my nerves. Young adult book is just a book category. Why is it different from adult books? And clearly they share the same premise that is to entertain a reader.

Insulting these kinds of books also insults the people reading them as well as the writers who write these kinds of books. Harry Potter is categorized as children’s books but many adults read them, meanwhile the Lord of the rings is an adult book and yet teens or even children reads them. it’s only a label and the quality of the content of the book is not determined by the section it sits in the bookstore.

A Used Clarinet For Beginners

My son wanted to play a musical instrument, and among the dozens of available ones, he chose the clarinet. The prices of some clarinets are a bit overwhelming, so I told my son that if he wants to buy one, then he needs to work hard for it. For my part, I scoured the net for a good buy. My wife recommended the new used clarinets at musicians friend because the price tag is just right, but the instrument itself is wonderful.

I bought it immediately to surprise my son. After receiving the package, we were amazed by the beauty of the clarinet. The color was highly commendable, and it looked too pretty to use. Of course my son was delighted and took it to his room quickly. We heard him practicing all night, and I must admit, he sounded great. Maybe it was sheer talent, but I know the clarinet has something to do with it.

Great Days and Great Coffee

I have always loved coffee, especially in the morning. It is an essential part of my breakfast. Because of my obsession with coffee, I practically buy all the brands and all the types of coffee I can ever get across. I think I have tasted almost all the types of coffee in the world. Almost, because there is one type of coffee that I don’t think I will ever have the appetite to sip – The exotic Alamid coffee, the one made from a wild cat’s feces. I don’t think I will ever have that in my life time.

But except for that, all the rest of the types of coffee that are made from real coffee beans are really great. As long as it is freshly brewed and the aroma is still rich, I can take that coffee any time of the day. Although, some of those flavored instant coffee are great for afternoon snacks, too so you also can’t disregard them.

A Strap For Every Personality

Whenever I play the guitar, the music just takes over, and my body moves to the rhythm. Sometimes I run around the stage during band rehearsals and gigs, and this cause applaud from the audience and extra energy from my band mates. One time though, I moved my hands a bit awkwardly, and the guitar strap lock just snapped out of place. I was so surprised that I nearly dropped my guitar on the floor.

After the gig, I went online to look for a replacement, and that was when I saw the new guitar strap locks at musicians friend. The designs are cool, and I found one that fits my personality. Also, the strong lock provides great grip that allowed me to dance and strum my guitar all over the stage. It was a great replacement, and addition to my guitar accessories. I’m thinking of buying one again soon.

Fairytale Movie Time With My Daughter

My daughter and I are watching Cinderella on Disney. You know how it is with fairytales, you like that happy ending story, the beautiful damsels in distress, gorgeous princes plus the beautiful songs they include into the movie that will really makes you want to watch it. My daughter and I watched this movie last year but she wasn’t really paying attention to the story she only likes the gown Cinderella wore and the music but other than that she’s not into it.

It really caught my attention now that when we were watching it, I noticed that she’s liking the story and she’s very much attentive and in fact could not take her eyes away from the TV screen. Maybe my daughter now understands stories or maybe she just changes her cartoon preferences, she always likes Barney but now she’s beginning to like other cartoons as well and I think that is good.

Beautiful Ring For A Pretty Lady

Jason was very nervous. He was off to a nearby café to meet his girl. That was the café where they first met, and in that place, he was planning to propose to her. Safely tucked in his pocket was one of the engagement rings that he saw earlier that day. It was a simple ring with a message engraved on the inside part. A diamond gleamed on its exterior. Though the diamond was not that big, it still glistened in the lights and Jason knew that his girl will be delighted.

Upon reaching the café, his palms began to sweat. When his girl arrived, he did not know how to proceed. He gathered his courage and went down in one knee. With a steady voice he raised the ring and asked her to marry him. His girl just stared at the ring, then smiled broadly and said yes. After all was said and done, Jason’s fiancée told him that the ring couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Women’s Skills in Basic Home Repair

My father passed away when I was very young so my mother had to teach me a lot of things at home that normally a man would do. If I were to say, she was really an all-around expert in home maintenance and repair. She was the electrician, the carpenter, the plumber, and sometimes the mechanic. She was a handy-woman who fixed the simple things that broke at home. Because of this skill, I began to see womanhood in a broader perspective. What I learned from school was definitely just a small portion of the many things that women can do.

I think that women are very special creatures that have great understanding of the processes of how things work if given the instructions. Contrary to what I see on TV or in children’s books, women have a lot of aptitude in the mechanisms of many things. My mom was the perfect example for that.

A Helping Hand With Immigration

I went to another country in search of a better work and future. One thing leads to another, and I desired to be a part of that country. I wanted to be able to vote, say my piece, and be legalized there; in short, I aspired to be a citizen. However, citizenship is very hard and can take years depending on the rules of the country. I knew that I would not be able to handle this alone. I needed help.

I went online to search for an immigration lawyer. Thankfully I found one immediately. The guy I called was very knowledgeable. He helped a lot of people before me, and he was successful at what he did. He told me what to do, gave me pointers, and assisted me in every step of the way. After several years, my dream came true, I became a citizen. It was all worth it, thanks to my attorney.

Forest Fires are the Ultimate Scare

It was one midmorning last summer when our peaceful neighborhood was brought into chaos because of falling ashes. It was a very scary scene with the entire sky covered in ashes like they were rain. Some of the ashes were still burning so the fear for roofs and houses were very intimidating in that situation. It was only minutes when we found out that the ashes came from a grassy hilltop that was burning that was about 2 kilometers away from the village. The fire was also creeping towards the houses so people were almost in a panic and getting ready with their garden hoses.

The neighbors who had earlier seen the fires called up the fire department. The firemen were a bit puzzled with what they saw when they arrived because it was the very first incident of wildfire they have ever encountered in the history of fire-fighting. Later, we found out that there were too much dead grasses on that hill and it burned with the heat of the sun. Some of my neighbors commented that this tiny wildfire is manifesting climate change which should not be neglected.

A Dollar A Day

My father has this weird saying about money. He always tells my brother and I when we were little that a dollar saved a day can make you rich someday. This belief holds true for me as my savings always come in handy on bad days when I literally have nothing. From a simple coin, my obsession developed to collecting the silver dollar. These types of money or coins are not spent every day. Rather, it serves as an investment.

Its prices can go up depending on the market movement, and you can buy and sell them if you know what you are doing. In some cases, these dollars can be passed on as an inheritance to your children or spouse, and it can help them stabilize their life in the future. They will be able to buy what they want, or go to college because of the inheritance you left.

August 5, 2013

The Stair Elevator Will Give You a Lift

As you grow older, you will notice several changes in your body. There is the occasional back ache; your knees are not as strong, and your eyesight begins to falter. These alterations make it hard for you to move around, or even go up the stairs. Because of that, majority of old people are confined on the lower portion of their homes. They would need someone to help them get up, and this affects their self-esteem because they have to rely on other people.

However, this is a natural occurrence in life. People get old; they develop several ailments, or aches in their body, preventing them to do as they please, even the simplest of activities like walking up the stairs. If you are facing the same dilemma, do not lose hope. You do not need any assistance from other people in order to reach your bedroom on the second or third floor of the building. What you require is a stair elevator. It is a wonderful piece of machine that will make you self-reliant and help you in climbing the stairs with ease.

This type of device can be installed anytime in your stairs. Using it, you simply have to sit down and enjoy the ride. You never have to make the effort of climbing those steep stairs anymore. If you are young and healthy, your father or grandpa can make use of this. This would be the best give you can give them for their old age. Not only will it soothe their tired feet and knees, it would also let them enjoy the process of climbing like never before.