July 28, 2013

Carousel ride: never again!

My daughter and I went to the mall just to take a stroll and as usual we stop by a bookstore to check on the latest books, admiring their beautiful covers and noting their prices as well so I can buy them next time if I have the money.

We pass through the children’s ride in the mall lobby and my daughter is all hyped up just seeing them, there is no stopping this kid because whether you like it or not you got to let her ride on them. The rides were all occupied with children and I bet I had to wait long because I bet those kids sure wont let go of the rides, so as much as I hate it we had to go with the carousel ride.

Just when the carousel started to move and spun around, I felt dizzy and my stomach began to roil but I have to fight it because I’m holding onto my daughter. The five minute ride felt like forever and I’m so glad it was all over.

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