July 28, 2013

A Great Salon Experience

It was Saturday, a time for me to relax, pamper and to relieve myself from all the stress I have gone through the whole week. I always look forward to weekends as it is the only time of the week I can loosen up. I looked at my schedule to check what time is my salon appointment. Well, it is scheduled at 1pm.

I usually do not look at signs or promos that my favorite salon is offering but this time, something caught my attention. A big and colorful sign says buy wigs at ultimate looks. My curiosity got me so I ask one of the handlers what it was about. The handler got very excited that she offered me a wide variety of wigs with different style and shade to try on. I was taken aback as I have not really wearing one. I tried to hide my excitement as I got one of the wigs. The handler set it on my head while I looked at the mirror for the outcome. I was very surprised that the style of the wig and the color fits me very well. So, I bought it without any hesitation. I was so amused as I walked home as I was wearing the nice wig.

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