July 28, 2013

Carousel ride: never again!

My daughter and I went to the mall just to take a stroll and as usual we stop by a bookstore to check on the latest books, admiring their beautiful covers and noting their prices as well so I can buy them next time if I have the money.

We pass through the children’s ride in the mall lobby and my daughter is all hyped up just seeing them, there is no stopping this kid because whether you like it or not you got to let her ride on them. The rides were all occupied with children and I bet I had to wait long because I bet those kids sure wont let go of the rides, so as much as I hate it we had to go with the carousel ride.

Just when the carousel started to move and spun around, I felt dizzy and my stomach began to roil but I have to fight it because I’m holding onto my daughter. The five minute ride felt like forever and I’m so glad it was all over.

A Great Salon Experience

It was Saturday, a time for me to relax, pamper and to relieve myself from all the stress I have gone through the whole week. I always look forward to weekends as it is the only time of the week I can loosen up. I looked at my schedule to check what time is my salon appointment. Well, it is scheduled at 1pm.

I usually do not look at signs or promos that my favorite salon is offering but this time, something caught my attention. A big and colorful sign says buy wigs at ultimate looks. My curiosity got me so I ask one of the handlers what it was about. The handler got very excited that she offered me a wide variety of wigs with different style and shade to try on. I was taken aback as I have not really wearing one. I tried to hide my excitement as I got one of the wigs. The handler set it on my head while I looked at the mirror for the outcome. I was very surprised that the style of the wig and the color fits me very well. So, I bought it without any hesitation. I was so amused as I walked home as I was wearing the nice wig.

Pubic Hair Riddance: Bad

I saw this topic on Yahoo news, the title itself is intriguing “Beware of Brazilian”, and so I had to check it out right away. It says in the article that according to the French doctors those pubic hair removal techniques such as; waxing, trimming, shaving and plucking can get us infected with a pox virus called Molluscum contageosun or MVC.

This MVC is like a painless nodule that appears on your skin and may disappear after a month or few, that is if you are healthy. It can also spread through different parts of the body so basically the mode of infection for this one is likely to be skin-skin contact, and it is also considered as STD.

You know what my reaction to this news? It’s like WTF! I really don’t wax down under because I’m afraid it hurts so I just trim or shave it and it has been said that 70% of those who use shaving techniques is prone to infection because they can traumatize or irritate the skin. So what am I going to do with mine huh? Just let it grow until it becomes a thick bush and I can’t even get a laser hair removal because it’s pretty much expensive. This is going to be a problem for me.

A Cybernetic Company Image Design

When launching a start-up company or business don’t ever skimp on cost for the company’s brand logo. The logo will be the band wagon that will carry the company’s name and this must have a recall. Those that keep thinking about the cost for a very eloquent logo design will later cost the company much.

What is needed for that very cybernetic company image logo design that would pluck total image recall is an online graphic designer. Even buying a pre-made logo design from online sites couldn’t give substance to the persona a customized company logo could endow. A very creative graphic designer would be able to incorporate the personality of the owners into the company’s logo design communicating to prospective clients the true character and flavor the company would be able to offer and deliver. The connection that would be detected from the company’s brand by the prospective clients will always facilitate good fellow feeling for the company thus cultivating a very rich business turf as a result. Making clients come again for repeated purchases thus amassing substantial profits.